Saturday, June 28, 2014

CFTU members cite top 10 best China cities for expat teachers to work and play!

Hangzhou is top rated by veteran China foreign teachers and this photo compared with Beijing below explains why.

Those veteran expat teachers who know their way around China quite well say the extra money paid to foreign teachers in Beijing and Shanghai are not worth risking their health and safety.  Do you agree?  Our recent membership poll of this topic came back with some surprising comments.  Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Dalian, Xia Men and Qingdao, all clean ocean-front cities were cited to be the "best and cleanest place to teach in China" by 2,763 of our members, despite the pay being approximately 15% less (on average in those locations).

The high ratings of these five sea-side cities were based on...

* Environment
* Stress Levels
* Personal Health & Safety
* Local Entertainment
* Cost of Living

Beijing winters are almost unbearable and deadly if you have asthma thanks to coal dust and other pollution.

Here's the top ten list of cities China Foreign Teachers listed as the best place to teach in 2014...

1.   Hangzhou (But steer clear of Helen and TEFL Institute agency)
2.   Qingdao
3.   Xia Men
4.   Dalian
5.   Fuzhou
6.   Ningbo
7.   Zhuhai
8.   Shanghai
9.   Beijing
10. Yantai

For a free list of direct employers that are properly licensed and white-listed to hire foreign expat teachers in these top 10 cities, just send  your  email request  to:

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

CFTU Scam Alert: Yew Chung International School - Fake Jobs Offered to China Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers By Impersonators...

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Attention Members & China Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers:  Some scam artists have been contacting ESL & TEFL teachers falsely claiming to be from the very reputable and white-listed Yew Cheung International School offering good jobs with great salaries. They use both foreign and Chinese names and use both emails and calls to solicit teachers in China and abroad.  Thus far they have swindled more than 28 teachers.  This person asks for an up front processing fee. THEY ARE NOT AT ALL CONNECTED NOR EMPLOYED WITH YCIS!!! They are a fraud and need to be avoided. More details are available on our web site. If you have any doubts you can contact YCIS directly and only through their web site.  If you are contacted with this scam , please play along and send us their email and mobile telehone number, but do not send them any money. Thanks. Beware and be sure!

Names being used by callers:

Dr. Betty Chan Po-King
Dr. Ben Jacobsen
Recruiter Steve Wahl
Recruiter Megan Zhang
Academic Director Paul Schaeffer 

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

CFTU Issues Tax Scam Alert To China Expat Foreign Teachers In ESL & TEFL Programs

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Notice to fellow-teachers working in China. We have received about a dozen emails from members and non-members alike that a clever tax ruse has been used to obtain more money back from foreign teachers by dishonest school administrators. In essence these unethical principals and administrators are deducting up to 30% from teachers pay for "taxes" that are collected but never paid to any tax authority!

If you work for a Chinese public school or university, or a foreign-owned international school, you need not worry about this scam. If however you work for a private Chinese company, or get paid through an agency you need to pay attention and ask for the following:

On pay day when you are asked to sign for your pay, ask for "an itemization of all deductions including tax".  If no itemization is provided to you, send an email to the schools administrator and if you get back anything that shows a deduction for "taxes", reply with another email asking "Are these municipal, provincial, or central government taxes?"

If you get no cooperation at all from your school, send us an email in confidence, and we will check with the tax authorities without using your name in any way. If you want to know what you should legally be paying in tax here in China as an expat employee please use our free tax calculator at the below link, and remember, taxes vary by region.

In an unrelated matter, please be aware that a fake white list is being circulated by Angelina's ESL Cafe showing all of the schools they work with as being "safe" and "endorsed by SAFEA".

Be advised that SAFEA does not "endorse" any school, nor does SAFEA publish any "white list". This is just a shameful marketing ploy 

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to check out the reputation of any China foreign teacher job agent or school recruiter for free in 1 day...

Okay gang...due to hundreds of emails every month asking about this girl or that guy, we have decided just to show you how you can DIY - for free!  Let's face it, no agent or recruiter is going to tell you that they are not registered nor licensed to do business in China. Likewise they will not tell you that they are collecting 30%-50% of your salary from the school where they place you nor that the principal is in on the ruse for a kick-back.  They will never tell you their real legal names - unless they are honest and legitimate. All of these things you will usually find out on your own, AFTER you lock yourself into a contract with an agent or recruiter and you notice on the first pay day that your colleagues are making a lot more money than you!

So to avoid this grief, you need to avoid the bad apple agents and recruiters and depending on whether or not you are already in China or still abroad will determine what you need to do. If you follow the below instructions you will be 98% safe and secure against agent fraud. 

1)  If any agent or recruiter tells you to come work in China but does not provide you an invitation letter for a work visa ("Z" visa) they are dishonest and you need to ignore their calls and emails. So once you get past this initial litmus test here is what you do next if you are in Beijing. If you are anywhere else, just follow steps five and six below:

2) Visit Bldg. 6 of the Friendship Hotel complex (bring your passport or the guards will not let you go in). Go down the long corridor on the first floor until you pass the bathroom. The very next door opens into the international office of SAFEA and a woman named "Song" speaks English and will look up your recruiter in their system. She can tell you in five minutes if they are registered as a recruiter. 

3) Go to the Tuanjiehu or Liangmaqiao subway station (line 10) and go just West of the Canadian International School you will find the government licensing building and on the first floor they have a reception desk for Chinese and one for foreigners. If you give them the CHINESE name or the license number of the recruiter, they will look them up and tell you in a few minutes if they are legitimate and how many complaints have been filed against them.

4) Visit this website with a Chinese friend and enter the license number of the recruiter and see what comes back and see if the addresses, names, and telephone numbers match.

5) Visit this link and see if you find the recruiter blacklisted. For them to be on this list, three or more people would have had to file a complaint within the last year that did not get resolved (no I don't know what "resolved" means - I forgot - sorry).

6) If you are in a hurry or to lazy to do all of the above, just send the agent the below letter and ask them to fill it out completely then it becomes much quicker easier to know just who you are dealing with.

Please don't be foolish enough to think that only the Chinese agents will cheat you.  About 30% of the scam recruiters are in fact foreigners.  To learn about all their deceptions and what questions you need to be asking them, visit htttp:// . Good luck and welcome to China!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Three New "Clever" Scam Alerts For China Foreign Teachers...

Received from one of our members - Too good not to share...

Three basic scams to watch out for. Not that these will necessarily make or break your trip but it's probably a bad sign. The smart money says just don't take the risk when confronted by any of these things.

1. "How quickly can you get here?" Not proof positive that bad things are about to happen but if they're trying to rush you, like any relationship someone too desperate who doesn't care who you are can be a red flag for two reasons.

One is that this tactic may be used to pressure you and get you to rush on over before you've had a chance to think things through. Two, it's also a bad sign because it may mean the previous teacher left in a hurry without notice. This may not be the schools fault but few of the employers I go on interviews for back here in the states care enough to give me the benefit of the doubt. It is important enough for you to have at least a decent experience and there are enough schools in China that you can be a little picky. Make sure a school treats you right and doesn't ask you to hop on a plane after the first date.

2.  "Let me hold that for you." This should go without saying. Never let your boss 'hold on' to your passport. Without it you kinda can't leave or have difficulty doing so at the least. Obviously they will try to hold it so you don't run away from them when you realize how horrible the school is. You may need to hand your passport over to get visas and other documents. Make sure you get it back and in a reasonable amount of time. A slightly related scam is they'll tell you to come here with a tourist visa and we'll get you a residence permit which may or may not ever happen. If they can legally get you a residence permit they should be able to get you the Z visa before you go there.

3. "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you" Another scam I've heard is that they'll try to force you out around the nine month mark or even right up to 10- 11 months. This is because after 12 months they have to give you another 7k-10k RMB for your return flight, but if you choose to leave because they're treating you badly or they are now all of a sudden unhappy with you then they save some money and they were bringing someone new in shortly anyway. Sucks to get that far and have a bad time. One advice is mind your p's and q's, don't give anyone any excuse and be strong for a little longer. You could possibly even take the hint and go. You might lose some money (and feel like a failure) but you're not leaving yourself vulnerable to who knows what.

This could jeopardize your contract though too, I know how legal these contracts are and if yours has penalties if you leave before a year. I'll say that it seemed like then, and still seems now that you are worth enough and have enough prospects for work that you can go without a contract. Unless there's something really wrong with you and you have a bad attitude from the start you'll likely be fine. You don't need a contract securing your right to work. Even if you did have a contract and you turned out to be that bad, I'm sure any sufficiently creative boss can and will get rid of you anyway, contract or not.

Skip the contract completely, don't mention it, if they bring it up tell them you'd rather not have one, or write your own contract if it is required by the state for a visa or RP. Keep it simple, "i work for you and you pay me this much each month." If they want to push you around later and renegotiate our verbal contract then you are free to walk without worrying too much about your lack of knowledge on Chinese law.

They will still want you to have a decent enough apartment that will keep you there, they will still have to pay you to keep you teaching. There's not much in your contract besides shelter and payment anyway, maybe work hours but again, we're adults we can reach a reasonable agreement and if you're unreasonable... well i guess with Chinese visa laws you can't just go somewhere else to work, even though there's plenty places, not without a release paper but you can go home. I don't know how legal these contracts are anyway nor if one is required for the residence permit. Going or staying both have some risks if someone is trying to push you out after 9 months it's because they don't want to pay you.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Want To Learn Chinese For Free? Join The CFTU Language Exchange Program!

China Expat Wage & Salary Charts     China School & Agent Blacklist     Current Scam Alerts

So you have decided to learn Chinese but can't afford regular lessons at a school?  Or maybe there is not a class schedule that suits your needs? No problem, there are hundreds of Chinese university students wanting to learn English and are willing to do a language exchange with you. If you want to participate, please send your contact info with a brief bio and photo and indicate what district of Beijing or Shanghai you live in and our volunteers will try to find you a suitable match and you can call and introduce yourself. As always there is no charge for this service to members and non-members can do 10 hours of volunteer work with us to get the same service for free as well. Send an email to to take advantage of this program.

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

CFTU Volunteers Joins SAFEA In Planting New "Foreign Experts Forest" in Huairou. CFTU to plant their own forest in Haidian.

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Last week a group of CFTU volunteers joined two bus loads of veteran foreign experts and the SAFEA leadership on a green adventure to Huairou where we planted 99 popular trees in a barren area of Huairou.  We were also joined by the Mayor if Huairou who then treated us to a very nice luncheon before giving us a tour of the Lake Yan Qi area where the APAC conference will be held later this year on October. See below photos.  We all had a great time and were proud to take part in promoting a green environment.  Plans are now underway with SAFEA to plant a CFTU Forest in western Haidian and we also plan to plant one CFTU Silvertip Pine tree on every university campus in China.  Foreign Teachers who want their primary and secondary school students to participate in the CFTU's "China Green Program" should send an email to 
BTW... if you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner or you want to show your kids the last nature reserve close to Beijing (great field trip for students) bring them here to Lake Yan Qi. The Kempinski Hotel will soon open a very modern resort here with a 350 room capacity.

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Beware of CUCAS Study In China Programs In Beijing & Shanghai - Investigation Underway

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We are not yet calling this a scam so no red alerts have gone out yet to our members. But we received some disturbing information as per this link below and we are now launching our own investigation which may take up to fifteen days. During this time we advise all expat teachers and foreigners abroad to use extreme caution in dealing with this entity until we sort out all the facts.


If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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Friday, February 7, 2014

China Foreign Teachers Union Now Offers Free Job Placement Service

Okay fellow expat teachers, we are tired of warning everyone about shady agents and by now you probably learned the hard anyway.  So our new board of directors looked at 129 suggestions received from our members across China and thanks to Heather in Shen Zhen we have agreed to offer a free job placement service on a trial basis in Beijing and if all goes well we will expand it to our Shanghai branch based on feedback. Again, we emphasize that like all the other services we provide, this new service is also free, so nobody will be taking a cut of your paycheck. In case you don't yet know why we need to do this in China you can visit this link for a crash course:

Here is how the program is set up to work and it is limited based on the fact that we only have 19 regular volunteers in Beijing helping us out and most of them have to deal with complaint issues so three of them will be assign to this new project.
We will send you a one page template which will also act as your cover-letter and when we receive your template back, we will send it with your resume directly to 10 Principals in Beijing based on the category you indicate you prefer to work as follows:

1) Kindergarten 
2) Primary School
3) High School
4) University
5) After School Tutoring
6) Business English
8) AP

We will not do anything more than make this introduction. If the school likes what they see it will be up to them to contact you for an interview.  We will not accept any payment from you nor the school for this service. We will not send your resume to any school that is blacklisted or not licensed to do business in China, or who is not authorized to hire foreign teachers (only about 60% of the privates schools are properly licensed.
Once this the school has contacted you negotiate your own contract and leave us out of the hiring process. We do not have the time nor staff to become your translator, lawyer, or negotiator. You must however tell us when you get hired since we will continue to send out your resume every 15 days for 90 days. After 90 days your file will be deleted whether you get hired, return to your homeland, or decide teaching is not for you any more.

Suggestions And A Request: If you participate in this program please do not embarrass us and be sure that you:

A)  Show up on time for your interview and dress professionally
B)  Read the website of the employer BEFORE the interview
C)  Take copies of your passport, current visa, and diploma
D)  Be prepared to hive a 30 minute demo class if asked
E)  Do not lie on your resume - it will always surface
F)  Dress to impress -  very professionally
G)  Read this link about contract clauses: 
      China Contracts - CAUTION!

DO NOT SEND US COPIES OF YOUR PASSPORT NOR VISA - WE DON'T WANT NOR NEED THEM.  SEND US ONLY THE COMPLETED TEMPLATE  AND CURRENT  RESUME  IN  MS WORD FORMAT.  Then please be patient it may take our volunteers 2-3 days to match your preferences and send out your resume.  At present we have 612 schools in Beijing that have offered cooperation. We hope to expand this to 1,000 by the end of August.  Do not call or email us for "updates" or "follow-ups". Once we send the school your resume, we will not contact them again. We will not send your resume to the same school more than once every 45 days. If you want to participate, you can request a template by sending an email to:

If you are an expat foreign teacher working in China you are welcome to request and use our other free services which you can request by email to the below email address. Here is what we provide you free of charge:

*  Free Scam Alerts By Email
*  Free China Job Interview Tips
*  Free Copy Of Current China Health Alerts
*  Free Copy Of China Labor Laws In English
*  Free Copy Of Our Expat Annual Salary Review
*  Free Copy Of Our Annual Report & Teacher Survey
*  Free Copy Of The Most Current Visa Laws Of China
Free Cross Cultural Training Seminar Held Quarterly
*  Free Language Exchange Partner To Learn Chinese For Free
*  Free Participation In Our Social and Networking Events And Day Trips
*  Free Access To China School & Agent Blacklist & Whitelist (Click Below Link)

Remember that you only get one chance to make a good first impression.  Interviews in China are a bit different than back home so you need to prepare yourself accordingly or you may be shocked at some of the questions you will be asked. If you want some tips how to pass your interview send us an email to

Be advised that the CFTU is a non-profit volunteer organization established in 2010 and we neither sell  nor promote, nor recommend any company, product, service, religion nor political cause other than a clean and healthy environment for all of us. We don't offer nor provide legal advice other than what is posted on our web sites. From time to time we get smeared on the internet by people we have either exposed in the past or by a recruiter who perceives us as a disclosure threat. Our membership is free but limited to only expat teachers who are currently working in China. No we are not a legal registered "union" per se, but we adopted this name as it most closely represents what we do. We do have a good working relationship with the ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs, SAFEA, and the PSB but we do not under any circumstances share nor disclose any of our members by name, telephone, nor email. Any information you every provide us will bever be sold nor shared with any third parties unless you ask us to do so. All of our files are stored with 256 bit AES encryption. Please be wary of all internet job ads that offer full time positions that pay less than 10,000 yuan per month unless they are universities. The reason is explained  here: and If you do decide to use an agent, we highly recommend that you demand that they complete every blank on the below form to protect yourself from abuse and exploitation.

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

We welcome you to China and hope  your
adventure here is safe, fun, and rewarding!


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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

China Foreign Teachers Now Monitored By SAFEA And Blacklisted For More Reasons in 2014

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We reported in 2012 and 2013 that we obtained a Chinea teacher blacklist kept and used by School principles in Beijing and Shanghai.  Shortly thereafter we discovered that SAFEA was publishing a list at this link:

Originally there were 259 teachers blacklisted on the SAFEA web site and after three months of discussion, we managed to get all but nine of the teachers removed.

However, in 2014 they will no longer publish the list so we will not know who nor how many teachers are on it (unless someone leaks us a copy as happened before). But we were also told there are now 9 reasons a teacher will be blacklisted whereas before there were only 7 ways to end up on the list. So pay attention and avoid these problem areas if you want to remain as a teacher in China and be able to renew your visa Z visa and FEC...










Yes we agree, that last one is a bit vague and we were unable to get any clarification but we will keep trying.  The big difference in 2014 is that if you get listed by SAFEA your visa will not be renewed when you go to apply - even from outside the country!  Further a 1-3 year reentry ban may be placed on you at the discretion of the PSB.

As you can see, they are getting fed up of flaky teachers who jump ship in the middle of a contract.  So before you sign a contract, be damn sure you plan to finish it as you may get yourself politely booted out of the country.  As onerous as this new policy appears, we can understand WHY they have resorted to these measures.  So, don't say you were not warned.

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

China Foreign Teachers Union - Contract Suggestions Save You Time, Money, & Grief

Did you come here by mistake?

Looking For The CFTU Blacklist?  Click Below

To See What You Should Be Earning In China... Click Below

First and foremost... if you are coming to China to work in any position, for any company or school, you absolutely must have two things in your hand BEFORE you even buy your plane tickets...

1)  A signed and sealed contract

2)  A work visa (Z visa)

If you come to work in China with either of these you will easily be exploited and cheated. To understand why you can visit and read  This post will talk about important clauses that you should add to your contract. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN ANY CONTRACT SENT TO IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE WORDING, TERMS, AND CONDITIONS.  If agents and recruiters tell you differently - ignore them. Do not sign contracts that are vague, ambiguous, nor unclear. If you were promised something verbally or in an email, make sure it is included in specific terms in your contract, or those promises will be forgotten and you will simply be told "You Misunderstood".  If you have a Skype interview, we suggest that you record that interview in case there is any future "misunderstandings" after you arrive in China. You can download free Skype recording software from this link below:

VERY IMPORTANT - Do not sign any contract that is not in English, no matter if you are assured that the contract says "exactly as we discussed".  If you sign a contract in Chinese or any other language that you do not understand, you will be cheated and have plenty of unpleasant surprises.  Make sure every page of your contract is signed dated and has the corporate red seal of your company/school or pages may be switched on you later.


If your school/company is licensed and registered.  Below are the 12 key clauses you should insert into your contract before signing it.

So here are the 12 clauses every foreign teacher should insert into their contract before signing it.

"The teacher shall be provided an invitation letter at no charge by the school/employer at least 15 days to their arrival date in China"

"Within 72 hours of termination, for whatever reason(s), the principal of the school shall provide two original, signed, and sealed release letters free of charge to the teacher. Failure to do so shall incur a fine/penalty of 20,000 yuan upon the school/principal by default and shall immediately become due and payable upon infraction/violation."
"Any proposed changes to the teacher's work schedule must be made in writing via email to the teacher at least one week in advance of the proposed changes, and the teacher may accept or decline proposed changes within 24 hours of receipt of same notice without penalty."

"Assigned hours of work shall be from ____:00 am to ____:00pm from ______day  to ______ with days off being the two consecutive days of ________day and ________day.  If asked to work on these days off, the teacher shall be paid at the rate of _______yuan per hours spent on the school premises, not just actual class time."

"Any and all images of the teacher may not be used online nor in any poster, brochure, advertising, newspaper, magazine, nor newsletter, without the express written permission of the teacher, and violation of same shall incur a fine/penalty of 20,000 yuan upon the school/principal by default per incident."

"The teacher is not required to participate in any marketing and/or sales activity organized by the school nor any other organization and if asked to do so may decline or accept based upon a negotiated special compensation for said activities."

"The teacher is not required to work on any National Chinese holiday nor on the following foreign holidays (list)."

"The teacher will not be asked to make any purchase or expenditures from their own personal funds for any supplies or school activity(ies)."

"The teacher shall not be asked to perform any task nor assignment that is not specified in their written job description attached hereto as "Exhibit A".

"The teacher shall never be asked nor required to make any false statement nor representation about any school, company, service, nor product."

"The teacher will work only on the school premises and if needed to participate in any activity not on the school premises the school will provide full round-trip taxi or air fare in advance and not ask the teacher to take a bus nor a train."

"The teacher retains any all IP rights to any lesson plan and/or PPTs created by the teacher and same cannot be used without the teacher's express written consent. Violation of this clause shall result in an automatic penalty/fine of 20,000 yuan per documented incident."

"If the teacher is not paid in full for services rendered on the normal designated pay day nor within 24 hours of same, the teacher may, at their sole discretion, exit their contractual obligations without penalty nor further obligations."

This page will be updated twice monthly as we receive feedback from other teachers working in China. If you are already a teacher working in China and you want to suggest a clause, by all means send it to Legal[at]  You can also obtain a free copy of China's Labor Laws by request to the same email address. In China, the more you know, the smoother you flow!  Be prepared for the unexpected or you'll end up like this fellow below...

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

List Of Direct Employers For China Foreign Teachers Now Available From CFTU

Tired of scanning countless ads at and and dozens of message boards only to find that the ads are either fake or the posters of the ads are pretending to be HR directors, Principals, or Direct Employers when in fact they are all agents who want a big slice of your pie?

Then when you you send in your resume your inbox begin to mysteriously fill up with spam with people trying to sell you really awful jobs, travel insurance, visa assistance, and even escort service?  Worse yet you end up like this gal here...

Dangers Of Job Applicants In China 

Truthfully there are indeed some honest recruiters and agents in China. Then there are some that are scams and others that are well... just plain greedy.  See here...

But it is your life, your career, and your money and you can do as you please.  If you want to apply directly to schools and universities and you have some one who can draft an email and resume for you in Chinese, you can get the list of 6,812 direct teacher employers (only for Beijing and Shanghai at this time, but we are accepting listings for other schools around China that our staff will verify and update every month)  So if you want to apply directly to employers send for your list to  See Beijing sample below...

If your school is licensed to hire foreigners and you wanted to be included on the CFTU direct employers list, please send an email to  Be sure to include all of the following which will be verified:

* School Name
* School Address
* School Telephone Number
* School Web Site Address
* Principal's Name
* School HR Contact Tel. No. (No Mobile Nos.)
* School HR Contact Email
* Nearest Subway Station

Please note that none of the above information will be published and only the School Name, Subway Stop, and HR Contact email will be included in our directory for teachers. 

If you are okay with agents and willing to roll the dice, at least use the below form letter and you will be better protect from abuse. Do not send any personal data or passport scan BEFORE you get this letter back from your agent and you verify the information. Likewise sign no contract BEFORE you visit and read


Here Below is the CFTU Agent Reply Form Letter You Should Use To Protect Yourself:


If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

CFTU Conducting China Foreign Teacher Agent & Recruiter Survey

At the request of a dozen of our members we have recently undertaken to identify all the licensed and unlicensed recruiters and agents advertising jobs in China and asking them to declare their fees and costs. Thus far this is what we have received via teachers who have used these agents and recruiters in the past. We are told that almost all of these companies/entities also charge a one-time processing fee or application fee and the companies in red, actually refund that fee when you complete you contract.  Of course, as always we do not make any recommendations, especially since some of these agents have been blacklisted more than once in the past and even currently. Some of these agents have very few or even no current complaints pending. So buyer beware...

Best HR – 25%                                       
Foreign HR – 30% 
Fesco – 20% 
Antal – 20%
China ESL -50%-66%
Gold Star Teachers – 40%                            
China Job Central – 10% – 20%
Crossroads – 25%
Footprints – 35%
Red Dragon HR – 15%
China - 20%
Match Dragon – 25%
ESLCafes – 30%                                      
ESL China – 25%                              – 40%                                  
ESL Jobs - 30% - 35%                                                – 15% – 30%               – 20% -40%                         – 25%                         – 35%                    – 30%                             – 40% – 30%    – 20% – 25%                      
Michael Page – 25%         

We would be remiss not to share these three links with you ...

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:
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