Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 China School Whitelist Compiled By CFTU - 2016 UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE

If you are visiting this site from within China, you will need a VPN to view images, charts, and graphics. Sorry for this inconvenience but we really needed a hack-proof site.

After three long months of tedious work by the China Foreign Teacher Union Volunteers (Thank you Cindy, Michael, Keith, Jean, & Alys!)  The Whitelist is finally completed. There are close to 1,000 schools that have been reviewed and recommended by our teaching colleagues throughout China.  If more of you had nominated and endorsed schools where you have worked for 6 months or longer, this list would have been substantially bigger. So please do not make any assumptions about a school or university that does not appear on the list - unless of course you find it on our blacklist at this link.

To keep everything in proper perspective, please remember that in China there are over 19,000 schools in operation, but not all of them utilize foreign teachers. The vast majority of these schools (over 90%) are indeed properly licensed, legitimate, and mostly honorable. Most all the public schools, international schools, and public universities fall into this 90% category.  The problem schools are almost always the privately-owned Chinese schools that use agent recruiters extensively to find their foreign teachers. The problematic schools, when discovered are added to our blacklist on a monthly basis. The Whitelist however is updated quarterly (every 90 days).  Hopefully next year year, more of you will participate in the annual survey.  Now here is Part I of our 2013 China School Whitelist for your protection. These schools appear in no special order as we did not want to suggest one school is better than another. Scores are for CFTU internal use only related to unresolved complaints, years in business, pay scale, etc. Even the best schools have one or two complaints filed against them over the years.

If you are a CFTU member, you know how to obtain your own complete copy and key code from our main website at:  Over the next month we will try to index the schools according to grade levels and regions.  Since we are staffed completely by volunteers, we ask for, and thank you for patience.  ;-)

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Here They Are!

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