Monday, April 29, 2013

CEDPRO - Hey Foreign Teachers Yet Another Honest China Employment Agent? 2016 Follow-Up...

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CEDPRO has failed to respond to our request for pertinent information regarding their ownership and fees, and we have not been allowed to review a copy of their contracts used with foreign expat teachers.  Until we have some transparency and cooperation from them, we must withdraw our previous statement which may have been premature. Proceed with caution at your own risk when dealing with this agency.

If CEDPRO comes forward with the information we requested, we will advise you here at this link.

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

2016 CFTU Scam Alert! American Kids Language School - Hangzhou - Principal Kathy Hong, Susan, & Bruce

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Principal "Kathy Hong" refuses to provide her real Chinese name

We want to warn all expat teachers in China and abroad to avoid American Kids Language School of Hangzhou which is not properly licensed to hire foreign teachers, and aside from accepting teachers without any experience to work on tourist and business visas, they have not paid taxes in the last two years. The CFTU spent over a month investigating this school after Canadian teacher Martin Doherty contacted us and reported that the school principal pictured above had and we quote:

1.) stole my Canadian passport (took possession and would not return this)
2.) lied about getting my Z Visa
3.) are not licensed
4.) forged my signature on a document (and admitted this on an audio recording I have.)
5.) are actively recruiting foreign English teachers to work there, and doing so with them on a L or tourist Visa 
6.) did not pay me and owe me three months of salary.

Although we asked Principal Kathy three times to show us scans of the licenses she claimed to have she could not produce them. SAIC says they are not licensed to do business as a school. She also claimed to have paid Martin but could not produce any receipts. She also had various entities posing as agents with only western first names contact us "to find another way to solve this problem"  Both Principal "Kathy" & "Susan" refused to provide their real Chinese names.
We have since contacted the Ministry of Justice, Minister of Education, and Procuriates office seeking prosecution of Kathy and Susan for violating China's Labor and Visa Laws and for operating with a proper license and registration.
This is a classic case of the fraud that is rampant in China's private schools and is exactly why we have a black list. We urge all readers of this post to visit China Scam Busters and our main website at  Below is a photo of Susan who works as the schools Administrator and advised Martin it was "no problem" to work on a F Visa, when in fact it is absolutely 100% illegal to do so. Martin was referred to this school by an agent who now refuses to provide her real name - only a fake western name.  If Martin's passport, release letter, and final paycheck are not provided to him this coming week, we will ask CCTV to investigate this matter as well and report Martin's full story on Weibo so all of China will understand why less and less foreigners trust the Chinese people.  Even though Martin is not a member of the CFTU we felt obligated to expose this typical exploitation of foreign expat teachers in China.  You can read his full story at our blacklist page in the comments section at the bottom of this link:  CFTU Blacklist

Meet Scam Artist "Susan" Of American Kids Language School

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

2016 UPDATE: China Foreign Teachers Union Obtains 2012 Copy Of Teachers Blacklist

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Breaking  News... The CFTU has for the second time in 3 years obtained proof that schools in China use and share a "Teacher's Black List" to avoid hiring "problematic" foreign teachers.  We originally obtained a list from 2010 in 2011 that had 329 teachers listed on it (Both Chinese and Foreign teachers) but the most recent list that was sent to us anonymously is believed to be a nation-wide list for all of China since it contains the names of 796 teachers of which 673 are foreigners. 82% of the foreign teachers listed working in the Beijing and Shanghai Provinces with the balance scattered throughout China.

The list which is entirely in Chinese is apparently updated daily by any principal or headmaster which must enter a code to access the list. There are several categories a teacher is listed in if they created a problem for the school.  Here are the seven categories as translated verbatim with the number of teachers listed in each category:


DISAPPEAR (Midnight Runs)    167




BAD  TEACHING      119


Although we will not publish the list we can tell you if you are on it if you send an email to  We can confirm that 18 of the old China Teachers Alliance are on it as well as 3 director from the CFTU even though two them left China in 2011. So it appears that nobody is really maintaining the list, just adding to it.

Perhaps this list is justified considering that many "English teachers" working in China today never taught any subject before arriving in China and most of us would not want to hire anyone who constantly comes to work late or hung-over.  Our only concern is who qualifies as a "Trouble Maker" and we will investigate and report further is we are able to find out.  We are grateful to the donor of this document who also indicated that SAFEA officials have access to this list and may use it to disqualify visa or FEC renewal requests. Again, we have no proof of this last comment, but it makes sense that it is a possibility considering that most of the blacklisted teachers are no longer in China, and we may assume that their visas many not have been renewed - or the teachers simply decided to return home. Fortunately only 7 current CFTU members were listed, and 6 of them have filed formal complaints with the Ministry of Education, SAFEA, Ministry of Justice, and/or their embassies.

Anyone who doubts the existence and use of teacher blacklists should read the standard contracts used by China ESL (infamous agent in Beijing) which openly threatens to put teachers on this blacklist if they violate their onerous contracts.  See this link for details... Proof Of Teacher Blacklist Used In China

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Friday, April 5, 2013

China PSB Visa Squad March Madness Causes 359 Foreign Teachers To Be Detained, Fined, & Deported With 5 Year Reentry Bans - 2016 UPDATE...

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We warned everyone back in January that the Public Security Bureau of China was forming and launching a special "Visa Squad" which they did. Their first mission launched on March 1st sent 36 teams of agents into 12 Chinese cities and they visited 1 school at random every day for 30 days.  Foreign teachers caught working without their Z visa and FEC were immediately detained and fined an average of $2,875 and deported within 10 days. Those who were unable to pay the fines in full before their departure were given 5 year reentry bans - a pretty stiff punishment in our opinion.  The CFTU pleaded for leniency on behalf of the teachers but we were ignored.


Below are statistics the CFTU obtained through our channels that shows the government of China is getting very serious about enforcing their visa laws.  You have been warned friends.

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Largest China School, Agent, and Recruiter Blacklist For Expat Foreign Teachers Updated For 2013 - 2016

Check China's largest and most current blacklist of Chinese Schools and Agents (Recruiters) at this link BEFORE you submit copies of your passport or visas to anyone other than a verifiable direct employer:

After checking this list we suggest you visit the link below and read this article to understand teh relationship between some disreputable schools and agents.

The good news is that 90% of the schools who hire foreigners in China are legitimate, properly licensed and mostly honest.  If you accept work with a public school, international school, or public university, you have less than a 5% chance of being cheated.  It is the private Chinese-owned schools that are the biggest problem and threat to cheat and 70% of them are blacklisted.

But the bad news is that by far your biggest danger is when using employment agents and recruiters, most all of which do not have an office and almost never provide their real Chinese names. 20% of them are known fronts for identity thieves as per this article:

In all of China there are only 362 licensed employment agents even though there are 7,000+ entities recruiting teachers on-line.  Get the whole story about agents and salaries at and if you simply must use an agent to find a job in China at least protect yourself by using this form letter to obtain full disclosure and to protect yourself from fraud.  Honest and legitimate recruiters will not have any problem in filling in every blank for you. If they refuse to do so, we suggest you do not communicate with them further:

If you cannot see this image above visit:

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China Foreign Teachers Union Targeted For Smear Attack By Shady Agents - 2016 Update!

In recent days we have noticed that one person using 5 different sock puppet accounts at 1 ESL forum has been trashing and bashing the CFTU under the identities of

Good Fella

Why the assault?  About six months ago one of our members (not the CFTU Administration) accused the site owner (a New Yorker) of using the forum as just a sales platform to sell sell products and services to teachers. This is quite legal and mostly all forums do this but most all other forums do not hide the fact that the sell to their members. What do they sell?

* Travel insurance
* Visa Services
* Job Placements

Again this is legitimate business although there are quite a few complaints online about their Visa Service (you will will never have 100% customer satisfaction). 

Anyway, to be clear the CFTU is not responsible for the independent comments, actions, and sentiments of our members who speak for themselves. Anything the CFTU has to say will be under our name and usually at this website.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Average Salaries Of Expat Foreign Teachers Working Abroad In China In 2013 - 2016 Update Now Available!


It took me almost 30 minutes to stop laughing after I just read the first two pages of Google and Yahoo bearing dozens of ads for "Great Jobs Teaching In China" complete with fabricated salaries that are mostly-low balled (5,000 yuan - 10,000 yuan) or super high (25,000 yuan - 30,000 yuan).  Others said "Work in China As Teacher - Earn 10,000 per month" (no currency denomination mentioned deliberately).

Hundreds of gullible people fall for these tricks every day and by the time they realize the ads were placed by shady recruiters, and identity thieves, it is too late.  Rather than preach to you I think any foreign teacher wanting or even thinking about working in China needs a dose of reality. Here are the true unadulterated facts that no agent will ever tell you:

1.  Foreign teachers are the lowest paid expats in China since 2005 and by a BIG margin.

2.  Foreign teachers working in China who have student loans to pay will be forced to live with at least two roommates in order to pay their local living expenses and their student loans.

3.  The true average salary paid to foreign teachers BY SCHOOLS - NOT AGENTS is 16,800 yuan per month.

4.   There are 27 other countries that pay wages that are at least 30% than China with the same or similar low cost of living, and nine other countries that pay 40% -80% higher wages than China.

5.   79% of all foreign teachers working in China in 2012 say they would never have come to China if they were not deceived by agents and recruiters who lied about most everything - especially earnings.

Working in China is a fun gig IF you have no financial obligations back in your homeland and you are single. If you have a family to support you will be hard-pressed to make ends meet here. For a realistic summary of working in China and how to find the best-paying jobs, visit or read this article:

Always keep in mind that the agents and recruiters will tell you most anything to get you to sign their contract or else they cannot collect their fees which if you fall for their ruse will be about 30%-66% of your paycheck -every month.

In all of China there are only 362 licensed employment agents/recruiters. Yet there are over 7,000 agents running ads for teachers - 20% of whom are identity thieves. See: China Expat TeacherS Victimized By ID Thieves  To find that proverbial needle in the haystack, we suggest you use the below form to obtain full disclosure. Honest agents will not have any objection to provide you this information.  The crooks will either not contact you again or fill in the blanks with fabricated information (easy to spot).  So if you really want the truth about foreign teacher earnings in China - rely on this form and not ads placed by agents on the internet.  Agent Disclosure Form

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