Thursday, April 4, 2013

Average Salaries Of Expat Foreign Teachers Working Abroad In China In 2013 - 2016 Update Now Available!


It took me almost 30 minutes to stop laughing after I just read the first two pages of Google and Yahoo bearing dozens of ads for "Great Jobs Teaching In China" complete with fabricated salaries that are mostly-low balled (5,000 yuan - 10,000 yuan) or super high (25,000 yuan - 30,000 yuan).  Others said "Work in China As Teacher - Earn 10,000 per month" (no currency denomination mentioned deliberately).

Hundreds of gullible people fall for these tricks every day and by the time they realize the ads were placed by shady recruiters, and identity thieves, it is too late.  Rather than preach to you I think any foreign teacher wanting or even thinking about working in China needs a dose of reality. Here are the true unadulterated facts that no agent will ever tell you:

1.  Foreign teachers are the lowest paid expats in China since 2005 and by a BIG margin.

2.  Foreign teachers working in China who have student loans to pay will be forced to live with at least two roommates in order to pay their local living expenses and their student loans.

3.  The true average salary paid to foreign teachers BY SCHOOLS - NOT AGENTS is 16,800 yuan per month.

4.   There are 27 other countries that pay wages that are at least 30% than China with the same or similar low cost of living, and nine other countries that pay 40% -80% higher wages than China.

5.   79% of all foreign teachers working in China in 2012 say they would never have come to China if they were not deceived by agents and recruiters who lied about most everything - especially earnings.

Working in China is a fun gig IF you have no financial obligations back in your homeland and you are single. If you have a family to support you will be hard-pressed to make ends meet here. For a realistic summary of working in China and how to find the best-paying jobs, visit or read this article:

Always keep in mind that the agents and recruiters will tell you most anything to get you to sign their contract or else they cannot collect their fees which if you fall for their ruse will be about 30%-66% of your paycheck -every month.

In all of China there are only 362 licensed employment agents/recruiters. Yet there are over 7,000 agents running ads for teachers - 20% of whom are identity thieves. See: China Expat TeacherS Victimized By ID Thieves  To find that proverbial needle in the haystack, we suggest you use the below form to obtain full disclosure. Honest agents will not have any objection to provide you this information.  The crooks will either not contact you again or fill in the blanks with fabricated information (easy to spot).  So if you really want the truth about foreign teacher earnings in China - rely on this form and not ads placed by agents on the internet.  Agent Disclosure Form

Here They Are!

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