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2016 UPDATE: China Foreign Teachers Union Obtains 2012 Copy Of Teachers Blacklist

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Breaking  News... The CFTU has for the second time in 3 years obtained proof that schools in China use and share a "Teacher's Black List" to avoid hiring "problematic" foreign teachers.  We originally obtained a list from 2010 in 2011 that had 329 teachers listed on it (Both Chinese and Foreign teachers) but the most recent list that was sent to us anonymously is believed to be a nation-wide list for all of China since it contains the names of 796 teachers of which 673 are foreigners. 82% of the foreign teachers listed working in the Beijing and Shanghai Provinces with the balance scattered throughout China.

The list which is entirely in Chinese is apparently updated daily by any principal or headmaster which must enter a code to access the list. There are several categories a teacher is listed in if they created a problem for the school.  Here are the seven categories as translated verbatim with the number of teachers listed in each category:


DISAPPEAR (Midnight Runs)    167




BAD  TEACHING      119


Although we will not publish the list we can tell you if you are on it if you send an email to  We can confirm that 18 of the old China Teachers Alliance are on it as well as 3 director from the CFTU even though two them left China in 2011. So it appears that nobody is really maintaining the list, just adding to it.

Perhaps this list is justified considering that many "English teachers" working in China today never taught any subject before arriving in China and most of us would not want to hire anyone who constantly comes to work late or hung-over.  Our only concern is who qualifies as a "Trouble Maker" and we will investigate and report further is we are able to find out.  We are grateful to the donor of this document who also indicated that SAFEA officials have access to this list and may use it to disqualify visa or FEC renewal requests. Again, we have no proof of this last comment, but it makes sense that it is a possibility considering that most of the blacklisted teachers are no longer in China, and we may assume that their visas many not have been renewed - or the teachers simply decided to return home. Fortunately only 7 current CFTU members were listed, and 6 of them have filed formal complaints with the Ministry of Education, SAFEA, Ministry of Justice, and/or their embassies.

Anyone who doubts the existence and use of teacher blacklists should read the standard contracts used by China ESL (infamous agent in Beijing) which openly threatens to put teachers on this blacklist if they violate their onerous contracts.  See this link for details... Proof Of Teacher Blacklist Used In China

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  1. I suppose they have a right to keep tabs on drunkard teachers and those who never show up on time or always call in sick on weekends. We keep track of the sly agents so what's the difference?

  2. What I find funny about the list is that they classify midnight runs as a teacher problem, not as a school problem.

  3. This list is a joke, and how credible would it be anyway if crap employers can list those they have had problems with because they spoke up against it!
    A good action would be to have a blacklist of schools or "schools" to avoid in China because of cheat, deception, not paying on time and in full, crap sub-standard housing and illegal employment. Seems to be a fair counter-action,.

    1. Good idea!
      But just like the teacher blacklist - what about an unbiased right to reply...


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