Friday, April 5, 2013

China Foreign Teachers Union Targeted For Smear Attack By Shady Agents - 2016 Update!

In recent days we have noticed that one person using 5 different sock puppet accounts at 1 ESL forum has been trashing and bashing the CFTU under the identities of

Good Fella

Why the assault?  About six months ago one of our members (not the CFTU Administration) accused the site owner (a New Yorker) of using the forum as just a sales platform to sell sell products and services to teachers. This is quite legal and mostly all forums do this but most all other forums do not hide the fact that the sell to their members. What do they sell?

* Travel insurance
* Visa Services
* Job Placements

Again this is legitimate business although there are quite a few complaints online about their Visa Service (you will will never have 100% customer satisfaction). 

Anyway, to be clear the CFTU is not responsible for the independent comments, actions, and sentiments of our members who speak for themselves. Anything the CFTU has to say will be under our name and usually at this website.

Here They Are!

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  1. I read all the bullshit about this at and I think people are not fooled by the scheme. It understandable why the CFTU has so many Chinese enemies after making just one visit to their website and reading the 200+ schools and 50+ agents that are blacklisted there. Keep up the great job and don't be distracted by the morons.

  2. I agree that lots of Chinese shysters will have an ax to grind with the CFTU. Nobody has ever exposed them before and they surely do not like the glare of the CFTU's spotlight. It is shameful that a fellow-expat would sell out on us for just a few dollars.

  3. I am grateful for the work you people are doing. China is a difficult place to work with any feeleing of security. I always feel on the defensive that even my own employer will cheat me. Thanks for all the useful information.


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