Friday, April 5, 2013

China PSB Visa Squad March Madness Causes 359 Foreign Teachers To Be Detained, Fined, & Deported With 5 Year Reentry Bans - 2016 UPDATE...

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We warned everyone back in January that the Public Security Bureau of China was forming and launching a special "Visa Squad" which they did. Their first mission launched on March 1st sent 36 teams of agents into 12 Chinese cities and they visited 1 school at random every day for 30 days.  Foreign teachers caught working without their Z visa and FEC were immediately detained and fined an average of $2,875 and deported within 10 days. Those who were unable to pay the fines in full before their departure were given 5 year reentry bans - a pretty stiff punishment in our opinion.  The CFTU pleaded for leniency on behalf of the teachers but we were ignored.


Below are statistics the CFTU obtained through our channels that shows the government of China is getting very serious about enforcing their visa laws.  You have been warned friends.

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