Friday, April 5, 2013

Largest China School, Agent, and Recruiter Blacklist For Expat Foreign Teachers Updated For 2013 - 2016

Check China's largest and most current blacklist of Chinese Schools and Agents (Recruiters) at this link BEFORE you submit copies of your passport or visas to anyone other than a verifiable direct employer:

After checking this list we suggest you visit the link below and read this article to understand teh relationship between some disreputable schools and agents.

The good news is that 90% of the schools who hire foreigners in China are legitimate, properly licensed and mostly honest.  If you accept work with a public school, international school, or public university, you have less than a 5% chance of being cheated.  It is the private Chinese-owned schools that are the biggest problem and threat to cheat and 70% of them are blacklisted.

But the bad news is that by far your biggest danger is when using employment agents and recruiters, most all of which do not have an office and almost never provide their real Chinese names. 20% of them are known fronts for identity thieves as per this article:

In all of China there are only 362 licensed employment agents even though there are 7,000+ entities recruiting teachers on-line.  Get the whole story about agents and salaries at and if you simply must use an agent to find a job in China at least protect yourself by using this form letter to obtain full disclosure and to protect yourself from fraud.  Honest and legitimate recruiters will not have any problem in filling in every blank for you. If they refuse to do so, we suggest you do not communicate with them further:

If you cannot see this image above visit:

Here They Are!

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