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2016 CFTU Scam Alert! American Kids Language School - Hangzhou - Principal Kathy Hong, Susan, & Bruce

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Principal "Kathy Hong" refuses to provide her real Chinese name

We want to warn all expat teachers in China and abroad to avoid American Kids Language School of Hangzhou which is not properly licensed to hire foreign teachers, and aside from accepting teachers without any experience to work on tourist and business visas, they have not paid taxes in the last two years. The CFTU spent over a month investigating this school after Canadian teacher Martin Doherty contacted us and reported that the school principal pictured above had and we quote:

1.) stole my Canadian passport (took possession and would not return this)
2.) lied about getting my Z Visa
3.) are not licensed
4.) forged my signature on a document (and admitted this on an audio recording I have.)
5.) are actively recruiting foreign English teachers to work there, and doing so with them on a L or tourist Visa 
6.) did not pay me and owe me three months of salary.

Although we asked Principal Kathy three times to show us scans of the licenses she claimed to have she could not produce them. SAIC says they are not licensed to do business as a school. She also claimed to have paid Martin but could not produce any receipts. She also had various entities posing as agents with only western first names contact us "to find another way to solve this problem"  Both Principal "Kathy" & "Susan" refused to provide their real Chinese names.
We have since contacted the Ministry of Justice, Minister of Education, and Procuriates office seeking prosecution of Kathy and Susan for violating China's Labor and Visa Laws and for operating with a proper license and registration.
This is a classic case of the fraud that is rampant in China's private schools and is exactly why we have a black list. We urge all readers of this post to visit China Scam Busters and our main website at  Below is a photo of Susan who works as the schools Administrator and advised Martin it was "no problem" to work on a F Visa, when in fact it is absolutely 100% illegal to do so. Martin was referred to this school by an agent who now refuses to provide her real name - only a fake western name.  If Martin's passport, release letter, and final paycheck are not provided to him this coming week, we will ask CCTV to investigate this matter as well and report Martin's full story on Weibo so all of China will understand why less and less foreigners trust the Chinese people.  Even though Martin is not a member of the CFTU we felt obligated to expose this typical exploitation of foreign expat teachers in China.  You can read his full story at our blacklist page in the comments section at the bottom of this link:  CFTU Blacklist

Meet Scam Artist "Susan" Of American Kids Language School

Here They Are!

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  1. This is why all teachers planning to work in China should:

    1. Avoid using agents
    2. Check black and white lists before signing contracts
    3. Insist on getting a Z visa before buying plane tickets


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