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CFTU Offers Free Chinese Board Game Lessons - 2016 Schedule

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Hi gang!  First we wish to welcome our newest members Jennifer, Lucas, and Marianna and congratulate the 27 new China arrivals who just completed their orientation and Cross-Cultural Communications workshop. We hope you are now better prepared for your adventure in China!

But now let's have some fun!  Starting on June 5th, 2013  we will be starting a social club that will teach CFTU members and their expat guests how to play the the five most popular Chinese board games:

* WEI QI  (GO)





We have arranged for two locations in Wudaokou and Chaoyang and once we all learn and have a chance to practice with each other, we will start inviting some students from Peking & Tsinghua Universities to join us once a week for a social gathering and the we will teach them how to play Scrabble, Rummy, and maybe Bridge and some Texas Hold Em!

We will also form a group of volunteers to go once a month to the home for the elderly in Huairo or Yangqing to play some games with the old folks and brighten up their day a bit.  We may also do the same with an orphanage if there are enough volunteers. So get involved and help us show local Chinese the friendly side of foreigners.

The idea is to expand our circles of friends and learn more about the Chinese culture. We will not identify our organization nor ourselves other than by first names or nick-names. If you are game for this experience (pun intended). Contact V019B or V073B. If all goes well in Beijing, we will duplicate this activity in Shanghai in August.

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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