Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2016 Update: China Foreign Teachers Union Agrees To Help Weed Out Sexual Predators

After the recent revelation of the Neil Robinson case where a known foreign teacher convicted of assaulting children abroad surfaced last month working in China , The CFTU board of directors called a special board meeting to review the situation.  Last week CFTU reps met with the Deputy Director of the PSB's Beijing Bureau and agreed to endorse background checks of foreign teachers abroad, but only for the purpose of identifying convicted child molesters that may try to visit China and seek employment as a school teacher. As Co-Administrator Greg Finch commented "To do nothing would make the CFTU complicit to one of the most hideous crimes in the world. The CFTU will promote and endorse a Zero-Tolerance program now jointly being developed to provide an early warning system at the the visa application stage."  The CFTU has agreed to keep details of the new program confidential at this time, but a press release will be forthcoming within 30 days.

Student safety is a universal concern around the world and the CFTU pledges its resources and full support to stop exploitation and child abuse by any and all means. In this regard, the CFTU has already identified another convicted child molester working in China and notified the authorities accordingly. He was recently detained and is in the process of being deported.  Anyone with information about a child molester working in any China school (convicted or not) can notify the CFTU in complete confidence as we will never reveal your identity - only notify the special PSB task force and request a discreet investigation.  Please send your detailed information to report[at]

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