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2016 Fraud Update: China Foreign Teachers Union Issues Urgent Visa Law Notice & Scam Alert...

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Effective July 1st, new visa laws take effect in China. The reform is extensive and every expat teacher should take 30 minutes to read these twolinks to fully understand the changes and - the consequences.  This is serious stuff guys so pay attention...

The CFTU applauds the the 5 year visa concept which puts an end to all those expensive and inconvenient visa runs expat teachers are forced to make. However, considering the extremely low wages paid to foreign teachers in China, the China Foreign Teachers Union would like to see a central government legal mandate that compels all employers (especially schools) to provide new hire teachers a z visa BEFORE they land in China - and at their expense - not the teachers.  This would eliminate about 50% of all teacher abuse and exploitation in China.

But be warned that scammers are already selling phony 5 year visas online and with stickers posted all around universities. These are counterfeit visas and under the new law visa agents are outlawed. So hang up immediately on anyone who claims to be a visa agent.  Also if a private Chinese school asks you to turn over your passport so they can get you a visa do not comply with their request. Instead ask them who they want you to call or visit at the China PSB Visa Bureau or they may just stick a phony visa into your passport without your knowledge. No public or international school will attempt such a stunt however.

Now here is a summary of the changes you need to be aware of. This is ONLY A SUMMARY so be sure to read the two links above for all the exceptions and deadlines involved:

1. No more L or F visa extensions after July 1st

Under normal circumstances, most passport holders could get extensions for 30 days simply by paying a fee. Extensions and visas valid up to July 1 can be obtained, not beyond. If you arrive after 1 July, you will only get 30 days with no option of extensions until some time in fall.

2. F Visas issued in China no longer renewed in China

Only F visas issued outside of China (not including Shenzhen or Zhuhai) can be extended within China. F visas issued within China cannot be extended.

3. F and L visas good for only 30 days

If you want to stay in China for over 30 days, you need to apply for a Z work visa. Both F and L visas have been reduced to 30 days without having to extend.

4. No switching visa types between L and F

You can no longer change your visa type from L to F or vice versa. If you want to get an L visa while you have an F and are living in China, you will need to go to Hong Kong and apply for an L visa.

5. Rules for getting a Z visa

To get a Z visa, you must be employed by a registered company, undergo medical tests, be graduated for two years and provide recommendation letters from previous employers. The main thing they are looking for in granting Z visas is that you are a specialist in your field and very much needed by your company for a position that could not be filled locally.

6. No more multiple-entry China visas issued

Multiple entry visas have been suspended indefinitely. China Law Blog suggests, this could be a permanent change. However, multiple-entry visas that have not expired are still valid. Now only 30-day single or double-entry visas are being issued and some expats are having to go back to their home country to get visas.

7. Traveling overland, you still need a flight ticket to get a visa

Currently the issuing of visas requires proof of transport into and out of the country which effectively makes overland travel impossible unless you purchase fully refundable tickets through a travel agency.

8. The penalties for overstaying your visa

According to multiple reports, foreigners without a valid visa must expect to be awarded the red 'has to leave China within ten days' stamp in their passport, which will make it nearly impossible to apply for a new visa

9. Extending Z visas and spouse visas is not a problem and not affected by the new rules

New Z visas and spouse visas have not been affected by the new policies. However, dependent visa that were previously also issued to non-married couples with children now require the provision of a marriage certificate.

10. Don't forget to register at the police station if you're not staying at a hotel

If you are staying anywhere other than a hotel (with friends or family), you need to register at the police station within a week of your arrival. Bring your passport, two copies of your passport, two copies of the lease for the residence you're staying at and someone to interpret if your Chinese is poor (or at least a mobile with a number you can call for interpreting assistance).
Keep the pink form they give you. You won't be able to renew your visa without it.

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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  1. This is helpful stuff. I've heard people say that you would need to go back to your own country to apply for a visa - I don't know for sure but this can't be for real.

    I'm working for a Chinese software company and I don't teach English but the rules appear to be similar to those of teachers.

  2. Thanks for the link! I run TheBJReviewer. I hope this info was helpful to some of your readers.

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