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Web English Added To CFTU Blacklist - Accused Of Extortion - 2016 Update...

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First we need to be clear that Web English is a chain of schools with over 50 locations throughout China. The Web English accused of extortion is Web English in SUZHOU where a complaint was filed by American teacher Joseph Reyes whose full complaint can be read in the comments section of our Blacklist page at this link:
This company is also complicit with with the recruitment scam affiliated with this case:  Beijing Tianqi Bowen Education Consulting Co. Ltd. located at room 6006, International Exchange Center, No. 1, Dingfuzhang Nanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Since Web English in Suzhou failed to reply to our email and their home office failed to return our call in over three weeks, and because two other complaints were received about that school that also went unresolved in the last year, we must hereby assume they are indifferent to this matter and warn other foreign teachers about their unethical practices.

Those implicated in the allegation include the HR Director Cherry Li who is pictured above and her HR assistant Abbey Hu who is pictured below. Both of these individuals are invited to share their version of events with us below in the comments section or at our blacklist page. 

Abbey Hu - Suzhou

Others implicated in the teacher abuse are Tracy Liu and a "Mr. Wang" as per the  still-unresolved complaint of teacher Reyes which you can read here:

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