Monday, November 18, 2013

Beware Of ESL/TEFL Forum Fraud Agents...

 Were you looking for...

 Were you looking for...

Recently we have noticed about 3 dozen obvious recruiters pretending to be teachers posting comments on three of the largest ESL and TEFL forums and message boards. They are shamelessly praising themselves in the third person and even giving links to "reviews" that they clearly created themselves.

Yet other agents spend their time posting jobs on the boards with super low salaries and then use sock puppet user names to convince you that these ridiculous wages are "normal" or even "better than average"!  Don't step into this manure folks. There is plenty to go around.

Usually you can tell the fake posts by the poor English or the superlative praise they use. If you really need to know what is going on in the China teaching job scene, visit or check our blacklist and whitelist over at our other member web site at

It sad that we even have to warn people about this latest ruse, but newbies are probably falling for it. Remeber to ask for a 2,000 yuan per month raise when your contract expires. If you need to know why, visit this link...

The law of supply and demand is universal - even in China!

BTW... Of you insist on using an agent, (yes, there are a handful of honest ones), here is how to check them out in Beijing - the largest market for foreign teachers in China...

1) Visit Bldg. 5 of the Friendship Hotel complex (bring your passport or the guards will not let you go in). Go down the long corridor on the first floor until you pass the bathroom. The very next door opens into the international office of SAFEA and a woman named "Song" speaks English and will look up your recruiter in their system. She can tell you in five minutes if they are registered as a recruiter. 

2) Go to the Tuanjiehu or Liangmaqiao subway station (line 10) and go just West of the Canadian International School you will find the government licensing building and on the first floor they have a reception desk for Chinese and one for foreigners. If you give them the CHINESE name or the license number of the recruiter, they will look them up and tell you in a few minutes if they are legitimate and how many complaints have been filed against them. 

3) Visit this website with a Chinese friend and enter the license number of the recruiter and see what comes back and see if the addresses, names, and telephone numbers match. 

4) Visit this link and see if you find the recruiter blacklisted. For them to be on this list, three or more people would have had to file a complaint within the last year that did not get resolved (no I don't know what "resolved" means - I forgot - sorry). 

5) If you are in a hurry or to lazy to do all of the above, just send the agent the below letter and ask them to fill it out completely then it becomes much quicker easier to know who you are dealing with.

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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