Sunday, January 19, 2014

CFTU Conducting China Foreign Teacher Agent & Recruiter Survey

At the request of a dozen of our members we have recently undertaken to identify all the licensed and unlicensed recruiters and agents advertising jobs in China and asking them to declare their fees and costs. Thus far this is what we have received via teachers who have used these agents and recruiters in the past. We are told that almost all of these companies/entities also charge a one-time processing fee or application fee and the companies in red, actually refund that fee when you complete you contract.  Of course, as always we do not make any recommendations, especially since some of these agents have been blacklisted more than once in the past and even currently. Some of these agents have very few or even no current complaints pending. So buyer beware...

Best HR – 25%                                       
Foreign HR – 30% 
Fesco – 20% 
Antal – 20%
China ESL -50%-66%
Gold Star Teachers – 40%                            
China Job Central – 10% – 20%
Crossroads – 25%
Footprints – 35%
Red Dragon HR – 15%
China - 20%
Match Dragon – 25%
ESLCafes – 30%                                      
ESL China – 25%                              – 40%                                  
ESL Jobs - 30% - 35%                                                – 15% – 30%               – 20% -40%                         – 25%                         – 35%                    – 30%                             – 40% – 30%    – 20% – 25%                      
Michael Page – 25%         

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