Monday, January 13, 2014

China Foreign Teachers Union Releases 2014 School & Agent Blacklist & Whitelist

First the good news... There are less black hats out there this year thanks to your cooperation in 2013 in reporting and identifying the scammers. The bad news is that the black hats have now disguised themselves very well as legitimate agents and have been posting hundreds of fake ads at,, and a dozen other ESL & TEFL forums and message boards.There are also many fake posts on those forums from agents pretending to be teachers praising themselves and of course, recommending them to others. BEWARE or be sorry friends.

We urge every ESL & TEFL teacher looking to work abroad (not only in China) but anywhere overseas, to utilize our Agent Reply Form Letter to protect yourself in the new year. The form letter is below and if you want a pdf copy to share with all your teacher friends, just send us an email requesting the form to  Any agent or recruiter who refuses to complete and return this form to you should be avoided and definitely should not be given a copy of your resume nor passport. If you still do not know why, read this article:

If you still don't know how to find your own job directly without the risk or expense of using an agent, you only need to educate yourself and you can start at  You can also get a copy of our new 2014 Whitelist by sending a request by email to

If there is a specific school or agent you want to check on, you can google them by their name and phone number and email (do all three to be safe) or you can visit our Blacklist page at: 

The lists have just been updated as of January 10th, 2014. Last but not least, don't delude yourself into believing that all the shady and greedy agents out there are Chinese. In fact, now 40% of them are fellow foreigners!

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

Here They Are!

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