Tuesday, January 28, 2014

List Of Direct Employers For China Foreign Teachers Now Available From CFTU

Tired of scanning countless ads at TheBeijinger.com and EChinaCities.com and dozens of message boards only to find that the ads are either fake or the posters of the ads are pretending to be HR directors, Principals, or Direct Employers when in fact they are all agents who want a big slice of your pie?

Then when you you send in your resume your inbox begin to mysteriously fill up with spam with people trying to sell you really awful jobs, travel insurance, visa assistance, and even escort service?  Worse yet you end up like this gal here...

Dangers Of Job Applicants In China 

Truthfully there are indeed some honest recruiters and agents in China. Then there are some that are scams and others that are well... just plain greedy.  See here...

But it is your life, your career, and your money and you can do as you please.  If you want to apply directly to schools and universities and you have some one who can draft an email and resume for you in Chinese, you can get the list of 6,812 direct teacher employers (only for Beijing and Shanghai at this time, but we are accepting listings for other schools around China that our staff will verify and update every month)  So if you want to apply directly to employers send for your list to DirectEmployer@ChinaForeignTeachersUnion.org  See Beijing sample below...

If your school is licensed to hire foreigners and you wanted to be included on the CFTU direct employers list, please send an email to Marsha@ChinaForeignTeachersUnion.org  Be sure to include all of the following which will be verified:

* School Name
* School Address
* School Telephone Number
* School Web Site Address
* Principal's Name
* School HR Contact Tel. No. (No Mobile Nos.)
* School HR Contact Email
* Nearest Subway Station

Please note that none of the above information will be published and only the School Name, Subway Stop, and HR Contact email will be included in our directory for teachers. 

If you are okay with agents and willing to roll the dice, at least use the below form letter and you will be better protect from abuse. Do not send any personal data or passport scan BEFORE you get this letter back from your agent and you verify the information. Likewise sign no contract BEFORE you visit and read www.ChinaScamBusters.com


Here Below is the CFTU Agent Reply Form Letter You Should Use To Protect Yourself:


If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

Here They Are! http://www.slideshare.net/LaowaiCareerCenter/2018-cftu-white-list-of-china-tefl-teacher-employers

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You are welcome to add your comments, ideas, and suggestions below: Specific questions should be sent by email UNLESS you are on the Blacklist page. We do not accept requests to "please check ABC school" if you are not a current CFTU member. If your school is not on the White List, then check the blacklist.: