Tuesday, February 4, 2014

China Foreign Teachers Now Monitored By SAFEA And Blacklisted For More Reasons in 2014

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We reported in 2012 and 2013 that we obtained a Chinea teacher blacklist kept and used by School principles in Beijing and Shanghai.  Shortly thereafter we discovered that SAFEA was publishing a list at this link:  


Originally there were 259 teachers blacklisted on the SAFEA web site and after three months of discussion, we managed to get all but nine of the teachers removed.

However, in 2014 they will no longer publish the list so we will not know who nor how many teachers are on it (unless someone leaks us a copy as happened before). But we were also told there are now 9 reasons a teacher will be blacklisted whereas before there were only 7 ways to end up on the list. So pay attention and avoid these problem areas if you want to remain as a teacher in China and be able to renew your visa Z visa and FEC...










Yes we agree, that last one is a bit vague and we were unable to get any clarification but we will keep trying.  The big difference in 2014 is that if you get listed by SAFEA your visa will not be renewed when you go to apply - even from outside the country!  Further a 1-3 year reentry ban may be placed on you at the discretion of the PSB.

As you can see, they are getting fed up of flaky teachers who jump ship in the middle of a contract.  So before you sign a contract, be damn sure you plan to finish it as you may get yourself politely booted out of the country.  As onerous as this new policy appears, we can understand WHY they have resorted to these measures.  So, don't say you were not warned.

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  1. The big thing going on right now is "internships." This is great for the school! They no longer have to pay real teachers a salary, and the interns get paid maybe 2000 rmb a month. They teach using an "F" visa, which is a big no-no, yet they can get away with it. The interns work full time and I think it is about time to deem these slave shops illegal.


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