Sunday, April 6, 2014

CFTU Volunteers Joins SAFEA In Planting New "Foreign Experts Forest" in Huairou. CFTU to plant their own forest in Haidian.

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Last week a group of CFTU volunteers joined two bus loads of veteran foreign experts and the SAFEA leadership on a green adventure to Huairou where we planted 99 popular trees in a barren area of Huairou.  We were also joined by the Mayor if Huairou who then treated us to a very nice luncheon before giving us a tour of the Lake Yan Qi area where the APAC conference will be held later this year on October. See below photos.  We all had a great time and were proud to take part in promoting a green environment.  Plans are now underway with SAFEA to plant a CFTU Forest in western Haidian and we also plan to plant one CFTU Silvertip Pine tree on every university campus in China.  Foreign Teachers who want their primary and secondary school students to participate in the CFTU's "China Green Program" should send an email to 

BTW... if you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner or you want to show your kids the last nature reserve close to Beijing (great field trip for students) bring them here to Lake Yan Qi. The Kempinski Hotel will soon open a very modern resort here with a 350 room capacity.

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