Sunday, May 25, 2014

CFTU Issues Tax Scam Alert To China Expat Foreign Teachers In ESL & TEFL Programs

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Notice to fellow-teachers working in China. We have received about a dozen emails from members and non-members alike that a clever tax ruse has been used to obtain more money back from foreign teachers by dishonest school administrators. In essence these unethical principals and administrators are deducting up to 30% from teachers pay for "taxes" that are collected but never paid to any tax authority!

If you work for a Chinese public school or university, or a foreign-owned international school, you need not worry about this scam. If however you work for a private Chinese company, or get paid through an agency you need to pay attention and ask for the following:

On pay day when you are asked to sign for your pay, ask for "an itemization of all deductions including tax".  If no itemization is provided to you, send an email to the schools administrator and if you get back anything that shows a deduction for "taxes", reply with another email asking "Are these municipal, provincial, or central government taxes?"

If you get no cooperation at all from your school, send us an email in confidence, and we will check with the tax authorities without using your name in any way. If you want to know what you should legally be paying in tax here in China as an expat employee please use our free tax calculator at the below link, and remember, taxes vary by region.

In an unrelated matter, please be aware that a fake white list is being circulated by Angelina's ESL Cafe showing all of the schools they work with as being "safe" and "endorsed by SAFEA".

Be advised that SAFEA does not "endorse" any school, nor does SAFEA publish any "white list". This is just a shameful marketing ploy 

If you are a CFTU member, please see this link below:

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  1. Thank you gents. I never once got any "itemization" for my deductions and just trusted that the admin people were taking out the correct amount. Using the calculator you provide I see that they have been gouging me for more than double the legal tax rate.

  2. Be sure to warn all your friends and teaching colleagues about the three biggest TESL/TEFL scam agencies that all tell people to come work on an L visa and then do the bait and switcheroo fraud:

    China ESL (Owned by Rebecca Tang)

    China-Tesol (Owned by Geoff Weymouth)

    Angelina's ESL Cafe (Owned by Angelina LNU)

    Also don't be fooled by the fake white list used by Angelina's ESL Cafe as explained here...

    Also all three of the above scam recruiters are using MANY different names and web sites trying to evade bad publicity and trying to "affiliate" themselves with the Chinese government by saying they are either "part of the Ministry of Education" or "endorsed by SAFEA". These are blatant lies as confirmed by the Ministry of Education and SAFEA (call or email themselves if you have any doubts)

    - Murray G.


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