Monday, August 4, 2014

CFTU Scam Alert! Some ID Thieves Now Masquerading As China Foreign Teacher Job Recruiters. They Want Your Original Photographs!

We have issued a scam alert to all 6,839 of our members world wide that the ESL/TEFL job market of China has been infiltrated by identity thieves posing as recruiters and agents offering "great jobs".  The clever bandits are both Chinese and foreigners, spam hundreds of ads all over the internet baiting teachers to reply to the ads with their resumes.  The "friendly" and "helpful" thief posing as the recruiter will the call the job applicant and request copies of their passport scans and other personal information to be collected and used to open bank accounts and obtain credit cards in the name of the foreign teachers.  Those that ask for "two passport-size head shot photographs" will use the real photographs to make driver's licenses and passports in the name of the job seeker. Some women are being asked for full-body photographs which is insane.  Do not respond to these clowns no matter how nice they are or how much they may pressure you. 

As of today the requests for real photographs have been coming from an esl forum operator in New York and and a fake recruiter in Beijing
\To maintain their cover the ID thieves will then sell the resumes to real HR people so that the soon to be victim will actually receive real job offers, and may eventually come to work in China.  These shady scam artists are so smooth and convincing there is only one way to detect them... to use the below form letter designed by the CFTU found at this link...

Before sending resumes and passport scans to ads or strangers who call on the phone, applicants only need to send this form letter to the "recruiters" and demand that they fill in the blanks and return the form before further cooperation takes place.  Those that refuse or send back incomplete forms clearly have something to hide. As a victim of ID theft, you will not even know you were victimized until some three months later when police or bank officials suddenly want you to come in for a meeting.

CFTU Warns Expat Foreign Teachers Of ID Theft Job Scams From New York & Beijing

More about this problem that affects 20% of all expats searching for work in China can be found at this link:

The CFTU is now cooperating with the Beijing police, SAFEA, and Ministry of Justice to sting these fraudsters who are not all Chinese. About 40% of the thieves are foreigners.


Here They Are!

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