Friday, August 15, 2014

New Life ESL May Not Be The Scam You Think It Is...

In recent days we have received over three dozen inquiries about New Life ESL - a fairly unknown recruiter that operates no office in China. China labor and commercial laws mandates that placements of foreign workers in China be done only by recruiters/agents that maintain a registered and staffed office in China. New Life ESL is violating these laws - whether deliberately or by ignorance matters little.

We have noticed many people making allegations that New Life ESL, a fairly new ESL agency based in Phoenix Arizona is just another front alias for China ESL (owned by Rebecca Tang). Although she has been known to use several such alias companies and foreigners in the past, our investigation and inside sources at China ESL suggest that whatever Derrick Yazwa the owner of New Life ESL (pictured above) may or may not be, there is no hard evidence (yet) that he is affiliated with Rebbeca Tang of China ESL, as Mr.David Valley surely is.

Our investigation is ongoing, and to be frank, the CFTU has only received one complaint about the new agency - New LIfe ESL, and the teacher who filed it quit her job and moved back to her homeland where she says she will post her own story of alleged exploitation at various ESL forums. We have also ascertained that New Life ESL is not licensed nor authorized to do business in China and is not licensed in the State of Arizona as an employment agency. Their website went online in June of 2013. 

According to this link below, Mr. Yazwa had claimed to be registered in Hong Kong, but as of yesterday, there was no HK registration to be found for New Life ESL. SAFEA confrimed that he is not registered with them, and they in fact never heard of the agency. Ditto for the Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Commerce, and SAIC.  We think it is safe to say that New LIfe ESL has been operating in the gray ether of cyberspace, like most all of the Chinese job recruiters and self-professed "agents".

We are in no position to give New Life ESL our blessings in as much as they have advised teachers to go work in China on L, F, and M visas, which is actually a criminal offense.

So in view of all the above, New Life ESL does not merit being blacklisted unless and until more complaints surface and go unresolved beyond 30 days.  If  anyone has a problem with New Life ESL, now would be the time to step forward, openly or in confidence - as you see fit. But please stick to verifiable facts and we will do our duty to remain impartial and objective based on those facts.

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  1. How can I get in touch with you to provide you proofs that Derick is associated with Rebecca Tang?

  2. These people are total scam artists. My friend got totally screwed by them. A new life in hell as an ESL teacher


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