Friday, December 26, 2014

CFTU Identifies 3,500+ Identity Thieves That Scam China Foreign Teachers & Other Expats...

Were you looking for...

With the help of China Scam Patrol we have been able to identify over 3,500 identity thieves who covet and then buy your resumes, passport scan, and photo from unethical expat forums and ESL/TEFL message boards where many fake ads are posted.  Although they may then pass along your resume to Tier 2 or 3 China job recruiters, they already got what they want - your personal data.

Now they will open email, banking, and credit card accounts and go on a shopping spree. In 3-9 months you WILL find out about these guys the hard way when the Visa and Master Card security people have the police serve arrest warrants on you for "your" unpaid bills.  Of course you will be able to sort it all out, but you may have to spend a few days in jail, and spend about $10,000 on a lawyer to help restore your good credit (that takes about a year).

So to avoid this expensive disruption in your life read the three links below and NEVER ever send nor upload your resume/passport scan to unlicensed agents or ANYONE who is not a direct employer. To learn how to verify a direct employer, read the links below...

On the list below, the bad guys are listed in the left column, the emails they use in the center column and at least one of their victims in the right column.

To obtain all 49 pages of the complete list, please send an email request to 

Here They Are!

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