Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CFTU Santas Spread Holiday Cheer With Ms. World To Autistic Students & Orphans This Year...

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In keeping with our annual tradition, this year our CFTU volunteers threw on their red and white furry suits to join China Ms. World 2012 (Yu WenXia) to put smiles on the faces and laighs in the air for about 500 autistic and orphan children this year.

The Anhui orphans were shocked to see the fuzzy Santa who handed out candy and then sang and dance for them. For most this was the first time they ever saw a real live Santa and many cried when he had to leave. Most of the children lost their parents to some tragic events, and some were abandoned by their parents due to some minor birth defect like a cleft pallet, or missing fingers.

Yet a third Santa visited random Hutongs in Huairou where stares were common and kids did not know how to respond. Slowly they warmed up to Santa and were quickly singing "Ding Ding Dong" - the Chinese version of Jingle Bells!


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