Friday, March 6, 2015

Beware of New M Visa Scam Being Used By Dishonest China Foreign Teacher Job Agents & Recruiters

It seems the latest recruiting trick being used by the unlicensed China job recruiters theses days is the "Cultural" M Visa scam where teachers are receiving third party invitation letters by proxy from cultural companies in China that are bought by the recruiter.  Although this invitation letter may come from a legitimate company engaged in real cultural affairs, and may work to get you into China, it will get you arrested and deported if you are found teaching at any school the first time a PSB visa inspector makes a random visit to your learning institution.

To be very clear, the only legal way for you to work in China is with a "Z" visa which is the proper work visa. All other arrangements that do not provide you a Z visa BEFORE leaving your homeland to come work in China are a sham or outright scam and should be avoided and reported to the CFTU

Also remember that no moneys have to be paid to obtain neither a job nor an invitation letter in China and if asked to do so please keep the emails and/or skype logs and notify us immediately at

If you have questions about working and/or living in China you may want to visit this popular site known for accurate answers with no hidden sales agendas...

We strongly advise that you do not hunt for teaching jobs at certain websites known to be fishing grounds for over 500 identity thieves., as explained at this link here:

There is no need to use a recruiter to find a job since you can contact China schools directly by email with your resume. But if you still decide to use a recruiter at least find an honest one that will not misleads you nor sell your information to third parties. To know if your recruiter is honest and licensed (legally accountable) be sure to read this: 

Make yourself 100 Scam-Proof in China. How?  READ!

Here They Are!

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