Saturday, July 18, 2015

CFTU Warns China Foreign Teachers That "Visa Law Requirement Update" is Scam

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Real quick here... Every summer ESL job recruiters in China get desperate and start telling whoppers to sign up the teachers they need for September. In recent days they have been reported for telling newbie teachers that "There was a recent update to China's Visa Law last week and now you do not need a bachelor degree or a Z Visa to teach in China."


There has been no changes to China Foreign Teacher Requirements nor to China Visa Law since September of 2013.  Here is what is mandatory by law to teach legally in China:

1-  A bachelor degree in any subject

2-  A Z visa in your passport when you arrive to work

3-  At least be 21 years of age

4-  Be fluent in English

5-  Have 2 years of previous work experience

6-  Have a police certificate if you want to work in Beijing 

If anyone tries to tell you differently, they are a scam and you need to read this here:

Here They Are!

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  1. As a teacher with English first I signed a contract for 6 months employment. I'm working 70 hour weeks and want to leave. They are threatening me that I will never be allowed to return to china for work or visit if I leave. As well as I will owe them money.

    Is this true? Do they have the power to do this?

    Thank you for your help!


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