Monday, November 9, 2015

CFTU Needs Freedback From China Foreign Teachers On 2015 Annual Survey To Compile New 2016 White List & Blacklist - HELP!

HELP WANTED!  Ladies and gentlemen of the ESL 7 TEFL industry now teaching at least one year in China... You have all been posting great comments on our forums and blacklist pages this year and now it is time to reflect upon your first half of the school year and unload. We and your teaching colleagues around the world now want to hear your first-hand feedback on which ESL/TEFL forums gave you the most useful and accurate information about China, about which agents caused you grief/problems, and which schools and universities did right...or wrong by you.  Who treated you fairly and who exploited you? Who honored their contracts and who did you want to strangle?  

This year we are accepting the first 2,000 surveys to come back to our inbox.  We urge you to be honest and truthful and do not bash an entire learning center or school based on just one argument you had with someone who may not have even understood what you were saying in English! Nothing in China is all good or bad (except a few dozen sleazy agents already known to all on our blacklist) So please let loose - get your survey form today by email and let loose with the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Request your survey form at  As a token of our appreciation, all those who complete the survey form will get a complimentary VPN service download from the CFTU. This offer is only valid on survey forms received before November 30th.

If you don't speak up nothing will change very much from one year to the next. But because you and our teaching colleagues have been doing this survey for the last five years, we have seen a steady drop in complaints from  over 3,000 a year in 2010 to just 695 this last year.  This is progress friends!

Your submission is completely and strictly confidential. In fact we do not even want your full name, but must have either your first or last name in case we have any questions or in case you include a complaint (last question of survey) in which you want some investigation or resolution. 

The results of our surveys are always published during the first week of January with the CFTU white and blacklists coming out on the 15th of January.  We expect this year's White List to be the largest ever, thanks to your many comments, tips, complaints, and reccomendations. We are slowly achieving our goal of making China a safer and easier place for expat teachers to work and live. Sorry friends, we can't do much about the air pollution, so buy and use a good quality PM2.5 mask.  

Please give us three working days to respond to your email and be sure to return your completed survey form back no later than November 30th. Incomplete forms will not be processed, and we ask that you please keep your foul language to a minimum. We do not want a repeat of last year when our volunteers complained of third degree burns to their eyes and ears!  Sincerely, the CFTU team thanks you for your assistance and frankness.

We hope you all spend the Thanksgiving holiday with your close friends and loved ones to give thanks for all the special and unique opportunities we have here in China

Here They Are!

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