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How China foreign teachers can get back the wages cheated from them in 30 days or less - without a lawyer - for free! - 2016 UPDATE

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Not at all impossible.  But you will need to calm down, put away the clubs, guns, pepper spray, axes, and knives you were considering... and follow this advice we received compliments of China Scam Patrol who swear by their "unconventional" methods. A calm and cool head will prevail...
Thanks to Jason at China Scam Patrol you now have a 95% chance of getting your money back from people who scammed you IF you know their real name or their real office location. It also helps to snap a photo of the person who swindled you.

There are a few ways to get your money back IF it is more than 1,000 yuan. If the amount is less than this, no Chinese authority will bother. Here are the tips I received from Jason at China Scam Patrol:

1. Go and personally make a written report at the Public Security Bureau closest to you. In Beijing it half way between the Dongzhimen and Llama Temple subway stations on the second floor (walking distance from either subway exit) Be sure to be detailed on the written report, show your receipts and identify any witness you may have with their contact info. BE SURE TO GET A COPY OF THAT REPORT.

2. Now scan this report and post it on Wei and and send a copy to Also go to China's Liar Kist at Scam .com abd post a copy of your report with photos of the perp.

3. Make 12 copies of this report and glue or tape them to the wall in the elevators and the wash rooms of the building where the scam artist is based so the cheater will take you seriously. A dog that barks and never bites is always ignored.

4. If you were cheated by a foreigner, take a copy of the above complaint and visit the nearest SAFEA office and make a second official WRITTEB complaint, being sure to keep a copy of that one as well. Verbal complaints go nowhere in China! Also be sure to write down the name and phone number of every official you speak with and ask for their name card. It also helps to have a photo of the person who cheated you to share with SAFEA.

5. If you want to ensure an official investigation is made against the scammer, go to the "Procuriate Office" in the district where you were swindled and again make a written complaint. The procuriate is the Chinese prosecutor and they are obligated by law to investigate any claims of crimes made by foreigners.

According to Jason, most China cheaters will want a quick settlement with you, but you are advised never to settle for less than what was stolen from you and always ask for a written, signed, and chopped apology as well. Why? - Just in case the cheater ever slanders you, you have proof of the truth.
Of course, you should also add the cheater to the CFTU blacklist to help warn others. See here  No get what is owed to you and let "face" be your equalizer.

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  1. Hello. I ahve problems with my employer. I am a teacher who works here legally (z visa and fec). My employer is breaking the contract all the time. He is literally changing things as he please. I never follow what he says and argue all the time and now he threatens to take money from me. I would really like to report him if he does that but I never read that anyone actually did something like that. Nor have I heard that employers/cheaters were actually punished. I appreciate your article but there are no proofs that it is actually true what you wrote. Where are those people?

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