Wednesday, December 2, 2015

CFTU Warns China Foreign English Teachers (ESL & TEFL) To Avoid Blind Job Ads On Forums - 2016 Scams

Are You Looking For:

We have all seen them at, and great paying ESL & TEFL jobs but no employer is identified and you must send your resume and photo to a blind email address that is always a disposable email address  (126, 163, hotmail, etc) More and more of these "blind ads" are simply "bait ads" to get hold of your resume and contact info. What happens next is downright scary: 

We remind you that all these expat and ESL forums are primarily a business. They are there to make money and the three mentioned above seem to have no qualms about selling resumes to any buyer with the bucks to pay for them. All three of these forums have been featured before at and other scam-reporting sites.

Therefore, we highly suggest you foregt about these forum ads altogether and apply directly to FAOs at the schools and universities where you want to teach.  By doing so you will also net a much larger salary - at least 50% more money and in many cases, 100% more in wages. For details on teacher wages in China, visit

Here They Are!

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