Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Red Flag Scam Alert - WiseWay Global Education - ESL & TEFL Agents in Beijing, China - Under Investigation... 2016 UPDATE

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We recently requested China Scam Patrol to investigate this company after they recently merged with a known scam operator in China (Gi2c) and finding no current registrations that show the company is the same company that operated in 2007.  It is our belief that since the website was registered and created in 2013, that they have hijacked the name of a company that had a decent reputation back in 2007 that went out of business in 2009.

No matter, they are NOT "partners" with the Ministry of Education as Gi2c claims, and we can find no SAIC registration for them and SAFEA confirmed they are not registered under the name of WiseWay Global Education.  The absence of internet ads for many years also raises concerns. This company needs further investigation relating to ownership and claimed affiliations with over 300 universities. Information received from a former Gi2C employee at realscam.com indicates that Gi2C may have bought this company name which would be the 4th time in 7 years they have changed their name, perhaps to evade bad publicity under their old names of Getin2China, etc.

Therefore we urge extreme caution in dealing with this company until we get word back from China Scam Patrol. If you do decide to use an agent in finding teaching work in China please at least follow these guidelines:  http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?644846-China-Job-Recruiter-amp-Visa-Agent-Scams-25-Red-Flag-Warnings We do know that they have previously advised newbie teachers to come work in China illegally on F, M, and L visas, and just like Gi2C, they use two different web sites. 




Lastly we suggest you learn about teacher contracts, real salaries, and your rights as a foreign employee at http://www.ChinaForeignTeachersUnion.org

Here They Are! http://www.slideshare.net/LaowaiCareerCenter/2018-cftu-white-list-of-china-tefl-teacher-employers

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