Sunday, December 25, 2016

The CFTU sends holiday greetings to all 29,781 China Foreign ESL, TEFL, & AP Teachers!

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It is that time of year again when we want to thank all the Foreign ESL, TEFL, & AP tecahers trying give Chinese kids in 32 Provinces the opportunity and training that will give them the chance to become international and more creative students in the world. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and we are proud of you for making all the sacrifices working in China requires. The volunteer staff of the CFTU salutes and commends you for another year of service to the Chinese community.

Of course we also thank you for your continue support of the CFTU and taking the time to report and identify abuses and exploitation of teachers and students. As we have since 2010, we strive to make the education profession and those that recruit foreign teachers more honorable, ethical, and proficient.

We have a free holiday gift to offer every foreign tecaher now working in China, whether you are a CFTU member or not... Your 15 employee rights as a foreigner working in China.  Just send us an email to and allow 10 days for a reply. We are down to a skeleton crew for the holidays.

Also be sure to look for our new 2017 white and blacklists to be posted within the next 30 days, right here!  

In closing, we wish you and yours a safe, happy, and memorable holiday season with those you cherish most.  Happy New Year and we'll see you in 2017!

Best Holiday Wishes,

Gregg, Denise, Michelle, Ling, Roger, Phillip, Barbara, Debbie, Joanne, Rachael, Robbie, Keith, Pam, Tyson, and  Gwen.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

CFTU Issues China Health Risk Alert to Foreign English TEFL & ESL Teachers - Hepatitis Epidemic & Toxic Air Pollution Are Biggest Concerns...

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Get yourself tested and vaccinated against all strains of Hepatitis NOW!

In the past six months 32 expat teachers were quarantined and deported after testing positive for Hepatitis and and another 57 for STDs.  China has the legal right, as do most countries, to revoke the visas of any visitor found to be carrying a contagious disease.  And if you worked in a large urban area in China for 3 years or longer, you have a 30% chance of testing positive for Hepatitis B,C, or E. This jumps to 50% if you worked in a rural area in China for one or more years.  The Hepatitis outbreak in China has recahed an epidemic level and is one of China's most guarded secrets to avoid scaring off tourists and badly needed foreign experts and English teachers.  These links will show you just how bad Hepatitis has become in China where 1 in 5 residents are now infected at last count in 2012.

So if you plan to stay in China, be sure to avoid being tested at Chinese hospital because if you do test positive for Hepatitis, STD, HIV, or ANY contagious disease the law requires that your visa be revoked and you will be placed in a quarantine facility for up to 90 days before being deported as a "Health Risk". With this designation you are highly unlikely to ever get a travel visa again. DIY Home test kits can easily be found on line but be sure to buy one that includes detection for all strains of Hepatitis. 

If you know anyone who has worked or studied at Mayflower Education in Wudaokou, please send them this leak since a former teacher who worked there claims he caught Hep C at the school. We have no way to confirm this but it is better to be safe than sorry.  Most black schools cannot afford "body checks" for their teachers and students and often just buy fake "health certificates" in case Ministry of Health Minisitry inspectors make a random visit for blood tests.

China has the highest Hepatitis infection rate behind a handful of African countries and Haiti.  Although many public posters and TV commercials urge the public to come in for a free test, most Chinese fear being stigmatized so they suffer in silence - and keep spreading the disease.

The other major health concern is the toxic air pollution of China's winter air which is full of carcinogenic coal dust and other pollutants that inflame respiratory systems of millions an average of 72 days a year.  Almost every foreign employee who comes to China the first time gets an immediate sore throat, itchy, burning eyes, and a chronic cough for a few weeks before they finally find salvation in an air filter mask. Air pollution studies done by various universities in Europe and China confirm that breathing the winter air of Beijing or Shanghai is actually worse than smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.

More on Chins's air polltion: 

To check the air quality in real time anywhere in China for free just visit here:
Anyone with asthma should not come to China at all as the pollution here can truly be deadly for people with respiratory problems.  Because the many TEFL & ESL teacher recruiters avoid discussing these problems, the CFTU felt obligated to bring it to your attention to avoid any unpleasant and angry surprises.  So before signing any contract to work in China, be sure the contract specifies which city or town you will be working in exclusively for one year with "no temporary assignments elsewhere" and then look at the below map to make sure your duty station is NOT in the smog zone of China.

Last but not least we must inform you that the tap water of China is not meant for human consumption and contains dangerous levels of mercury,lead, iron, dioxins,and other contaminants. Every foreigner in China drinks only bottled water and you should as well.  It is a myth that "Boiling water purifies it". In reality boilng water does not remove heavy metals that cause cancer - it only kills living bacteria that will give you diarhea and other stomach problems.

We hope you will share this post with everyone you care about in China as there is noknwn cure for Hepatitis and once you have it, you must spend over $80 a week in medications just to tolerate its many debilitating symptoms.  No job in the world is worth losing your good health over.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

CFTU Warns China Foreign ESL & TEFL Teachers of 379 New "Black Ghost' Schools Cloning Themselves With Alias Names!

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China Foreign Teacher Requirements         Breaking A China Teacher Contract

Although we do our best to keep you up-to-date about all the white and blacklisted schools operating in China, you need to be aware that the clever scammers we try to expose are not stupid. Once we out them, they usually just change their names and continue to recruit newbie ESL & TEFL teachers, or even veterans who may be too busy or too lazy to do their due diligence on Google & Yahoo. 

We recently met with officials from SAFEA and the China Scam Patrol to compare our lists of bad apples presenting themselves online under a variety of names recently created or adapted from names already exposed as frauds. For Example, CHINA ESL which is owned and operated by veteran scam artist Rebecca Tang in Beijing, now operates with 12 different alias names and uses no less than five foreign teachers to front for her.

So we are making a concentrated effort to recompile and update our blacklists, while every year 4-10 new entities wise up and fly straight so they can be white-listed.  On January 1, 2017 we will update our blacklist and on January 15th our white list.  For now, here are new addittions to the blacklist for those who may be looking for a new China employer over the next month. REMEMBER, these are just new addittions, so be sure to check the complete list at Also if you want to be extra careful, you can also check the China Liars List at and at as well.

Blacklisted Addittions
Laowai Career Center
English In China
Haida HR (Hangzhou)
China TEFL Network (Hangzhou) (Hangzhou)
ESLJobLounge (under investigation)
Holy Global Education (Beijing)
Gao Si Education (Beijing)
Cambridge Global Education (Beijing)
Mayflower Education (Beijing)
Champion Education (Beijing)
Lake English aka Lake ESL (Beijing)
Focus Education (Beijing)
New World ESL
China ESL World
Bole Education (Chong Qing)
RMD International aka Zhouwen International Culture Excchange
Hongren English
Hopen ESL 
Wiseway Global Education, aka Wiseway ESL aka Wiseway Education

Newly Added Black Agents & Recruiters
Global Teachers
Laowai Career Center
Sail ESL aka New Sailing aka New Sailing ESL
Eric Winder
ESL Insider
China TEFL Network
Haida HR

These entities below were submitted to us by China Scam Patrol and they are all on our 2016 blacklist:

Angelinas ESL Café
Adam Wang
Alice Chang
Monica Chang
Monica Cheng aka ESLReady aka ESL Ready
Eric Winder
TEFL Panda
New Talent Academy
Hongren English
Holy Flower English aka ESLinsider aka ESL Insider
Amanda Li aka Amanda Liu aka Amanda Liao
China ESL
Lucky English
Worlda English aka Worlda International Education aka Worlda Cultural Services

i-to-i (online TEFL scam) (same online scam from UK)
Rebecca Tang
Expertise Education
Buckland Education Group
ABC Cowboy English
Focus Education
CCIE aka Terry Tong aka Tong Tong
Qianshi Technology Group (many alias names)
Michael Cavill aka Michael Cavhill aka Michael Cavell aka DFEA
David Valley
Derek Yazwa
Aston English
Deric Yazwa
Panda Visa
Golden Bridge
New Life ESL
New World ESL
China International ESL
China Horizons
China Pathways
China Wave
Sino English
Wise Way Global Education
Yuri Khlystov
Ben Tsao aka Ben Cao
Bi-Lingo China aka China Bi-Lingo
Lake Education aka Luke Education
American Christian School
Max Gen Education
Stanford English
Oxbridge aka aka
Charlie Chan aka Charlie Chang aka Charlie Cheng
Happy English
Owen English aka Ou Wen aka Oh Wen
Golden Tran Education
Carl Ge aka Carle He
Peter Zheng aka Ying Tian Zheng aka Zheng Tian Ying
Maple Leaf English
Disney English (Some Beijing & Chengdu locations only)
Disney Education Group
Jenny Wu aka Jenny Woo
Christina Zhang aka Christina Chang
Crystal Li
ABC English
EZ English
English Express
Danny Zhou aka Danny Chen

If you ignore these warnings and choose to work with one of these shadow or "Black Ghost" schools, this is what you can expect: 

As always, we reccomend that you apply directly with white-listed schools and only those who are listed in the SAFEA's current directory and who can give you an invitation for a Z VISA in the same name that appears on their SAIC license.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

229 China Foreign Teachers Arrested in Latest PSB "Twitter Trap" Sting Operation

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Although information is scarce at this time, a contact at the PSB has leaked that 229 foreign teachers working in China were arrested in th elast 30 days for working illegally without a Z Visa in Beijing and Shanghai.  At first the CSP was told the number was 29 teachers but we learned yesterday that was a miscommunication.

What we learned so far from China Scam Patrol confirms the above leak since they learned a black ESL agent in Beijing using a Twitter Account was pretending to be a "happy ESL teacher in  China earning over $50,000 a year." This fake account was recommending others on Twitter to "contact the recruiter that made it all possible" at yet another Twitter account.  Well some how the PSB got wind of this scam and went after the guy we know as "Guo Bin" since he was falsely telling everyone who contacted him on Twitter that they could work in China without a Z visa (work visa) nor a university degree (absolutely false)

The scam back-fired on the scammer when the PSB sent someone to a job interview posing as a foreign teacher and wearing a hidden microphone. Long story short, the recruiter was arrested as were some the foreign teachers whose resumes they found in his briefcase. Things snow-balled from there...

Those arrested were given a choice... go to jail for 30 days or pay a fine and allow the PSB to copy their phone contacts. Herein lies the real problem as now thousands of foreign teachers working in China are probably going to be collected into a PSB database from the 229  arrested teachers - assuming they opt not to go to jail for 30 days.  IF these names obtained from all the phones collected by the PSB are used for either a "random visa or diploma check", there may another 1,000 or so teachers finding themselves in a sudden legal jam.  Of course the PSB might be a bit lazy during the upcoming holidays, but in the last 2 years they have been quite diligent and zealous in their efforts.  

The bottom line is that those of you working in China with a legal Z visa and a real diploma have nothing to fear. If however you are not holding a Z visa now and are using a fake diploma, you stand more than a 50% chance of getting caught within the next 45 days, especially if you used agents and recruiters who used the following names; Guo Bin, Ying, Ming, Ling, Li Peng, Rebecca Tang, Derrick Yazwa, Bing, Keith, Erica Lau aka Erica Liu, Miranda, Carl He, Rose Li, Owen, Henry, or if you ever sent resumes to ESL Insider, TheBeijinger, EChinacities, Sinocities, ESLCafe (going back to July of 2016). This information is current as of November 10th, 2016 and relates to arrests made prior to November 7th. We can assume that those arrested will identify their recruiters & agents and they will probably also be tracked down and their phones also copied.  So the best advice we can offer is for illegal teachers now working in China, to take a voluntarily leave of absence and get yourself legal with the proper visas before returning to work.  

If you do get arrested and jailed, you can expect to spend 10-30 days in jail depending upon how much you "cooperate" with the Chinese aurhorities and fines are ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. You WILL be deported within 30 days with a reentry ban of 3 to 5 years. Unfortunately, if you are studying in China, you will not be allowed to finish your studies, and from our past experience, you will not be able to get a refund of your tuition moneys.  

If you are detained, try to remain calm and do not argue or shout at the authorities. They will treat you professionally, feed you, and allow you to make a telephone call. Do not waste it calling your agent or recruiter. They will not help you. Call your nearest family member or friend in China who can pay your fine.

At present we know that the Twitter Traps are working so well for the PSB, that they may also start using Facebook. Last year they were exposed placing fake job ads on, Craiglist, Glassdoor, Echinacities, Sinocities, and ESLCafe. Our PSB source tells us that they get a 2,000 yuan pay bonus for every illegal foreigner they catch working in China, and that is why they really are taking this matter to heart since 2,000 yuan is one-third of their monthly salary.

This new sting operation is in addittion to their other major method of rounding up illegal alien workers in China as you can read here:

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Good News - China Foreign TEFL & ESL Teachers Average Monthly Pay For 2016 Increased to 18,000 for Native English Speakers

With the demand for TEFL and ESL teachers at an all time high in China, recruiters and schools were forced to finally offer more attractive compensation packages, especially for native English speakers which now are getting paid between 16,000 yuan to 22,000 yuan per month in addition to air fare reimbursements, paid  30 day vacation, and medical insurance packages. Roughly half of the private schools and training centers are also offering 10,000 yuan annual bonus upon the completion of your contract. Should you hold an degree in Education, you can command a monthly salary of up to 30,000 yuan per  month at an International school.
Kindergarten teachers with experience can expect to earn an average of 20,000 per month if your previous experience is verifiable with release letters and some references.
Non-native English speakers can expect an average of 12,000 per month for full-time positions. For more information on China pay scales for foreign teachers, please visit and remember to sign no contracts until AFTER checking our white list and blacklist and reading up at
WARNING:  If you have asthma or bad allergies, you should consult with your doctor before traveling to China. During winter months, pollution levels are frequently toxic.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

IMPORTANT CFTU NOTICE: China Foreign Teachers Now Protected By Labor Laws & Privacy Act!

Things are getting better for foreign employees in China and it is getting more difficult for employers to exploit you. In 2014 China labor laws that favored Chinese employees were amended to apply to all employees in China (not interns) thanks to the good conscience of President Xi Jin Ping (Xie Xie Mr. President).  This year the Privacy Act was also expanded to include foreign employees. What does this mean for you?
Well for one thing no employer in China can use your image or give your personal information to any third party (a student's mother for example) without your written permission on a document that says who requested your information and why and how your information will be used IF you agree. If you do not agree, you cannot be punished in any way or the employer can be fined 100,000yuan or have their business license suspended for 90 days.

Blanket agreements in employment contracts are no longer legal. Off course, nobody is going to tell you this. But you can get free labor law updates at Renmin University Law School library and National Library, both in Haidian District of Beijing. Here is where you can read a summary of your 15 rights as an expat employee in China:

It is well worth 30 minutes of your time to know your rights as a China Foreign Teacher. Although we do not provide legal assistance or advice, we can recommend very qualified labor lawyers to you if you cannot resolve matters amicably, and we sincerely urge you to avoid the courts or you may find yourself blacklisted with Chinese principals. The blacklist is now illegal but still widely in use in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou (also rumored to be used in Shenzhen and Shenyang as well)  Also be aware of the deadly "SILENT SCAM" that targets china foreign teachers...

The biggest scam going down against china foreign teachers is explained here so do not send your resume to job ads you find at Beijinger, Echinacities, ESLCafe, Sinocities, Gumtree, nor Craiglsist. Read this:
To be aware of all the latest china scams we suggest you visit and read these sites at least once a month as well as drop by for a visit here.

ALSO... BEFORE you sign an employment contract in China, we suggest you read these tips that will save you plenty of your time, grief, and money later:

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Monday, May 23, 2016

China to hire 12,000 more ESL & TEFL teachers for fall semester to compensate for mass exodus...


The Ministry of Education says their public schools are running short of experienced native English teachers and this is no mystery. Over the last three years over 20,000 veteran foreign China English teachers have left China for greener pastures in Sen ingapore, Korea and Japan where the pay is more than 70% higher on average - when adjusted for cost of living. Many of those leaving this year at the end of their contracts also cite the heavy air pollution they must endure during the four months of winter which seven foreign embassies have labeled "toxic".

Still, China's historical mystique continues to lure fresh faces every year and it is hoped that higher wages that now average 16,000 per month with a 2,000 yuan housing allowance will be enough to produce 12,000 native English speakers for Sept/2016 although we think this will be a true challenge.

For those who love history, great food, and want to learn Chinese and a whole new way of life, a one year contract in China may be just your ticket of you are at least 21 years of age with 2 years teaching experience and a bachelor degree in any subject. If you have a criminal record do not bother to apply. If however you are a native speaker you can demand wages of 20,000 yuan per month or even more at the private schools.

WORD OF WARNING:  China is full of scams, and most of them come from job recruiters who lure students to come work without a mandatory Z visa. There are also a few identity thieves that pose as schools or recruiters fishing for your personal data. Read these links to defend yourself accordingly:

Also feel free to check our annual white and blacklists at

Please do not write us asking about individual employers. We don't do your leg work on an individual basis. That is precisely why we have over 1,500 white-listed employers and over 500 on the blacklist. Get off your butt and read. And off course, do not come to China without a signed contract and Z visa already in your hand.  Last piece of advice:..

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Who is trashing the CFTU and why? Relax you need not be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out!

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In the last 6 months, five China job recruiters that we exposed over the last two years have done their very best to smear us with all sorts of accusations, some of which were admittedly quite funny and even we had a good laugh.(ie the one about the United Nations wanted us all to be hanged!).  Actually to be honest, we take the derogatory comments as a compliment that we have been doing our job- exposing school and agent frauds, and giving useful information to our teaching colleagues already in China, as well as those inbound to China.

Here are some of the people who have attacked us and when you read the links you will understand why:

1. A moderator at Reddit whose day job is an unregistered china teacher job recruiter.

2. A former recruiter from Expertise Education named Stefan who was arrested for working with an illegal visa and advised many other newbie teachers to come work in China illegally with many unlicensed "black schools & learning centers".  This is his story and frankly we sympathized with the guy until he began saying we snitched on him to the authorities. We are foreigners- we don't snitch on fellow foreigners - period.  and also

3. A handful of users at Echinacities, eslcafe, and thebeijinger who were exposed over the last three years as unlicensed job recruiters who even sold your resumes to identity thieves for $30-$50 each! See

We noticed all these fake teachers masquerading as "fellow teachers" online about three years ago when this article was published.

All of these people have asked us to say only "nice things about China" and one even offered us $50,000 to do so. Why? Because they earn about $1,000 for every teacher they bring to China, whether they are qualified or not, and whether they are given legal visas or not, and whether the teachers get arrested or not. So long as the new teachers do not get caught within the first 90 days, the agents get paid. The odds are in favor of the agents- at least for those first 90 days. Then it become a 50/50 situation.  Anyway, we turned down the $50,000 and we continue to publish the truth,like these links for examples:

We have been sharing these scam alerts and our white and blacklists since 2010 and we will continue to do so until all the unethical agents still remaining clean-up their acts.  We also provide training, welcome packages,and social activities - all of which is free. Even our membership is free. We do not sell any product nor service, nor advertising. We do not endorse anything,and we have never been sued for any reason. So the next time someone suggests we are cheating someone, please demand the details of who and how was anyone ever cheated by us in any way.

Now then, if you need to breakout of a crappy one-sided contract, find a better-paying safe employer, negotiate a fair contract, or get your last paycheck or release letter, just scroll and search through our 89 posts in our archives, or use google, and you will find six years of hard work on your behalf.

Thankfully,over 90% of the email we receive indicates our colleagues appreciate our work. If we can be doing something better, please just let us know. I am Gregg Finch, the Administrator and you can reach me at

Please understand that we receive about 300 inquiries every day from all over the world and we operate only with a volunteer staff. So if you are not a member it may take us more than a week to reply to you. Our members get 24 hour service. Thank you for your understanding and patience. As I sign off for now I leave you with one question... Are YOU earning at least 250 yuan per hour teaching in China? If not - please read this here:

As foreign teachers in China, we feel a moral obligation to look out for one another. Please help us do this if you agree.

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