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CFTU Asks: Do YOU truly Deserve A Pay Raise In 2016 China Foreign ESL & TEFL Teacher?

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Average salary of a qualified China foreign English (ESL & TEFL) teacher is now 16,000 yuan per month.  Are YOU qualified?  What are YOU earning?

Welcome to 2016, the year of the monkey. If you are reading this website it means you are probably an educated veteran China foreign teacher or a newbie who got lost online.  It matters not, because what you most need to know right now is that even though China will be needing over 500,000 ESL & TEFL teachers over the next five years, the supply of qualified TEFL & ESL teachers willing to endure the pollution, hepatitis risk, and clever scams of China is dwindling.  This is both good and bad news - depending on your perspective.
If you are a China veteran you now have the grounds to demand a pay raise of 250 yuan per hour if you are a full time teacher and 300 yuan if you are part time. Why?  Because less than 60% of all expat teachers working in China today are 100% legal and subject to arrest and deportation at any moment they get caught. Why are they illegal?  Pick one of the below...

* Working without a mandatory Z visa

* Working with a fabricated university degree

* Working with a fake TEFL certificate

* Working for an unlicensed school or learning center

* Working for a "black school" not authorized to hire foreigners.

If you hold a bachelor degree in Education you should be earning no less than 400 yuan per hour. If not, you are simply cheating yourself.

If you have any doubts about your earning potential please ignore all the low-ball fake job ads spammed all over the internet by the black agents and visit and read up on real wages and salaries. Do not be fooled by the lip service of recruiters.  Of course they would love to hire you for 5,000 per month but the reality is the current average income for expat TEFL & ESL teachers in tier 1 cities is 16,000 yuan.

BREAKING NEWS!  Check back here in 5 days for our 2016 White and Blacklist of China Schools and Agents.

Again we warn you about the Echinacities, Beijinger and eslcafe job ads: and if you must use an agent or recruiter be damn sure they provide you an agent reply form (see here below) and read this here before sending anyone your resume related to jobs in China:

Do not make the same mistake that these 49 expats who spent their China Christmas in Jail and are were sent home as convicted felons.  Remember, most agents will only tell you what they want you to know, and often withhold the truth of your true risks of working without a Z visa.

Here is what you will find out the hard and costly way if you listen to agents instead of follow China's visa laws:

Can you just imagine how these foreign English teachers must have felt?

Here They Are!

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