Monday, February 15, 2016

Chinese PSB authorities will arrest and deport any China Foreign ESL or TEFL Teacher caught using a fake diploma or TEFL Certificate in 2016

You need to know that  more than 90% of the online job ads are scams and deliberately do not tell applicants that they MUST have a REAL  bachelor degree and a Z visa (work visa).  They only tell the newbie wannabe foreign teacher what they want them to know. Why?
Because aside from the $500 placement fee the agent collects from the school, they will sell a fake diploma to any applicant who doesn't have one, and then offer and obtain for them a 90 day "F" or "L" visa which will get the new teacher into the country, but give them a 50% chance of arrest as this below post from China Scam Patrol explains quite well...

"China to deport 3,000 illegal foreign teachers for fake diplomas and wrong visas"


This may be good or bad news for you depending if you are one of the 20,000 foreigners legally teaching in China or one of the 10,000 expats who used fake diplomas or TEFL certificates to get your visa to work in China.
We were recently "unofficially" advised that a new 500 member PSB task force will be launched on March 1, 2016 to hunt down, arrest, and deport any expat teacher using false documents (or who doesn't have a valid Z visa) This will be a nation-wide sweep according to a Captain I the PSB whose true name was not given although we inspected his government credentials when he agreed to a secret 90 minute interview we waited six months to get.
How will they find the fake teachers? In short, any way they can! But the Captain said they would...
1. Expand the sting operations that proved successful in arresting over 3,000 expats in 2014 and 2015 with more fake job ads and even setting up booths at job fairs in major China cities.
2. Copy cell phone and email data from every black China job agent they arrest or question.
3. By promoting their existing "Reward Program" that pays 10,000 yuan to anyone who turns in a fake foreign teacher
4. Monitoring emails of foreigners that contain red flag words like "replica", "fake", "reproduction" as well as "fake", "genuine", and "diploma" and "certificate".
5. Resume reviews conducted randomly at schools and principals who refuse to cooperate will be fined 50,000 rmb per violation.
He also alluded to a new set of tricks and traps that have not been used yet, but somehow it will involve an email and Skype marketing campaign, perhaps of a school that really does not exist.
What created this new PSB zeal?  Over 2,000 complaints to the Minister of Education from angry mothers, one of whom happened to be the wife of a Mayor whose kid was being tutored by a girl who turned out to be using a fake diploma from NYU! Thanks to Wei Xin, that story spurred a bunch of written complaints and yet other mothers complained about 3 dozen Chinese "International Schools" and companies falsely claiming to be "partners" and "affiliates" of China's Ministry of Education.
Now the jig is up, and if you are not working legally in China, now would be a great time for you to take a "leave of absence" and exit voluntarily so you are not deported as a convict felon. For those of you working within the Chinese law you will soon have a great reason to ask for a raise because the PSB captain said they will not stop until they reach their annual quota of 3,000 expat deportations. The below links relate to over 5,000 previous deportations of foreign teachers from China:

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Updated 2016 Official China Foreign ESL & TEFL & AP Teacher Mandatory Legal Requirements - SAFEA Confirmed

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The new year brings us all good news for those wanting to teach in China. The official 2016
requirements for foreigners to teach ESL or TFL English programs in China are the same as they were in 2015, 2014, and 2013!  In others words... NO CHANGES!  Here is what you MUST have to legally teach in China...

(1) Must be 22-55 years of age

(2) Must have a VERIFIABLE bachelor degree (yes, they are now checking)

(3) Must have a Z visa in your passport BEFORE you even tutor a single class even on a part-time basis

(4) Must have 2 years verifiable teaching experience (any subject)

(5) Must speak and write fluently in English

(6) Must have a police certificate proving you have no criminal record (Beijing & Shanghai only at this time)

TEFL/TESOL Certificates are not a government requirement but about 20% of the chain schools like WSW, Webb, and EF require one. Native Speakers are also in high demand and command the highest salaries. (12,000 to 20,000 per month)

CAUTION:  Do NOT believe any agent or recruiter who tells you that you can work on a L, M, or F visa. This is totally false and you will end up like the Disney teachers or these 49 expats in Shanghai that were recently arrested and deported. Here

Finally, be aware that the PSB is now checking 50% of all foreign teachers - not only for Z visas but also t verify diplomas.  If you are caught without either, here is what you can expect:

In closing we remind you that spending only 30 minutes to read the below 5 websites will keep you safe from China job and internship scams. Also be sure to see the 1,569 white-listed schools/employers on our CFTU White List (just scroll down two posts on this blogsite)
If you have any questions or doubts about the above requirements you can confirm with your own embassy or the Chinese government at or drop us an email at

Notice To CFTU Members:  Please check in at for update on the messages and job placement requests.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

CFTU Updated 2016 Blacklist of China ESL Job Recruiters and TEFL School Agents - Over 415 Sly Devils To Avoid...

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Well last month we gave you the good news (1,596 White-Listed schools in China) and this month we must share the bad news... Over 300 new entities have been added to the China Blacklist which are basically all the unlicensed black employers, those with numerous complaints of dishonesty and wage theft from expat teachers, and all the China job agents and recruiters that will hustle you any way they can to make some quick money selling you bogus TEFL courses, diplomas, or putting your freedom at risk by getting you a China job without the mandatory Z visa. 

But be sure to avoid these 415 bad apples who often change their name. Go here for a complete and current listing:

The big problem is that the sly devils are well disguised and most are now foreigners who win your trust by telling you anything you want to hear. You do not learn the truth until you actually get to China and realize your are working illegally! To learn all you need to know about working in China visit these web sites and read the one you are now on!

Here They Are!

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