Friday, February 5, 2016

CFTU Updated 2016 Blacklist of China ESL Job Recruiters and TEFL School Agents - Over 415 Sly Devils To Avoid...

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Well last month we gave you the good news (1,596 White-Listed schools in China) and this month we must share the bad news... Over 300 new entities have been added to the China Blacklist which are basically all the unlicensed black employers, those with numerous complaints of dishonesty and wage theft from expat teachers, and all the China job agents and recruiters that will hustle you any way they can to make some quick money selling you bogus TEFL courses, diplomas, or putting your freedom at risk by getting you a China job without the mandatory Z visa. 

But be sure to avoid these 415 bad apples who often change their name. Go here for a complete and current listing:

The big problem is that the sly devils are well disguised and most are now foreigners who win your trust by telling you anything you want to hear. You do not learn the truth until you actually get to China and realize your are working illegally! To learn all you need to know about working in China visit these web sites and read the one you are now on!

Here They Are!

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