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China Foreign Teacher Survey Has Surprises For CFTU Staff...

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Every year we take an annual survey in order to compile our white and blacklists and to get an idea of the biggest concerns, gripes, and worries of our teaching colleagues in China. The 2015 annual survey results were compiled and here are some interesting finds we now share with you...
* 62% of those surveyed say they will not be staying another year in China for one of three reasons;
-  Toxic Pollution
-  Hepatitis Epidemic
-  Pay is better elsewhere with less scams
*  Only 18% of teachers used agents to find their teaching positions in 2015
*  29% admitted to working illegally without a Z visa or a fake diploma
*  59% claimed they were cheated by their employer at least once (mostly private schools)
*  Average full-time monthly salary for a native English speaker in China in 2015 was 16,500 yuan
*  Average office hours required in 2015 was 15 hours with 20 classroom hours
*  Average age of China foreign teachers jumped to 25 years.
*  67% of China foreign teachers said they are "mostly satisfied" with their job
*  79% said they do not trust job ads at ESLCafe, Beijinger, nor EChinacities/Sinocities
*  28% said they earn over 40,000 per month doing private tutoring
*  43% said they use the CFTU white list and 82% said they use our blacklist
*  The most complaints we received were 39 against a single agency, and 28 against a school
*  68% of China expat teachers are male and 52% come from America, 12% from Canada, 18% from the Ukraine, 10% from Australia, and 8% from the UK
*  The large chains like Wall Street, EF, Webb, Disney, had the highest turn-over rates
*   The most "unacceptable chain" employer was Disney English, which also had the second highest number of teachers arrested for working illegally.

BTW... did you know the following facts:

<> You have rights as a foreign employee that are the same as Chinese professionals if you hold a Z visa and FEC.  See here for details...

<> 1,978 foreign expat teachers were arrested and deported from China last year for working without a Z visa and 482 were deported for working with fake university diplomas.

<> There are now only 122 legally licensed and registered HR job agents (head hunters) operating in China nationwide and all have an SAIC license they can show you. If you cannot obtain a color scan of their SAIC business license they are black scam operation to be avoided. There are 322 "black" China job agents (that we know of at this time)

<> The five most trusted and used ESL/TEFL forums used by China foreign teachers are,,,, and

The top 3 complaints from China foreign teachers in 2015 were:

1)  Last paycheck was not paid
2)  Contract not honored
3)  Lies about Visas
4)  Release letter not given
5)  Employer turned out to be illegal employer

NOTICE:  The CFTU is not allowed to provide legal advice, and we have very limited resources. So if you are not a member and you need help or information, you must be patient if you send us an email. Our 6,129 members get our priority attention. Our volunteer staff does the best we can so please scroll through our web site and the welcome package we will send you by email for the information you need. We do not investigate or "check" schools on an individual request basis - especially if you are not a member. Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and support. If you wish to report an illegal school, agent, or company that holds your passport, or hired you without a Z visa, or refuses to provide you a copy of their license or a release letter, please send us an email at report[at]

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