Monday, April 4, 2016

Who is trashing the CFTU and why? Relax you need not be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out!

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In the last 6 months, five China job recruiters that we exposed over the last two years have done their very best to smear us with all sorts of accusations, some of which were admittedly quite funny and even we had a good laugh.(ie the one about the United Nations wanted us all to be hanged!).  Actually to be honest, we take the derogatory comments as a compliment that we have been doing our job- exposing school and agent frauds, and giving useful information to our teaching colleagues already in China, as well as those inbound to China.

Here are some of the people who have attacked us and when you read the links you will understand why:

1. A moderator at Reddit whose day job is an unregistered china teacher job recruiter.

2. A former recruiter from Expertise Education named Stefan who was arrested for working with an illegal visa and advised many other newbie teachers to come work in China illegally with many unlicensed "black schools & learning centers".  This is his story and frankly we sympathized with the guy until he began saying we snitched on him to the authorities. We are foreigners- we don't snitch on fellow foreigners - period.  and also

3. A handful of users at Echinacities, eslcafe, and thebeijinger who were exposed over the last three years as unlicensed job recruiters who even sold your resumes to identity thieves for $30-$50 each! See

We noticed all these fake teachers masquerading as "fellow teachers" online about three years ago when this article was published.

All of these people have asked us to say only "nice things about China" and one even offered us $50,000 to do so. Why? Because they earn about $1,000 for every teacher they bring to China, whether they are qualified or not, and whether they are given legal visas or not, and whether the teachers get arrested or not. So long as the new teachers do not get caught within the first 90 days, the agents get paid. The odds are in favor of the agents- at least for those first 90 days. Then it become a 50/50 situation.  Anyway, we turned down the $50,000 and we continue to publish the truth,like these links for examples:

We have been sharing these scam alerts and our white and blacklists since 2010 and we will continue to do so until all the unethical agents still remaining clean-up their acts.  We also provide training, welcome packages,and social activities - all of which is free. Even our membership is free. We do not sell any product nor service, nor advertising. We do not endorse anything,and we have never been sued for any reason. So the next time someone suggests we are cheating someone, please demand the details of who and how was anyone ever cheated by us in any way.

Now then, if you need to breakout of a crappy one-sided contract, find a better-paying safe employer, negotiate a fair contract, or get your last paycheck or release letter, just scroll and search through our 89 posts in our archives, or use google, and you will find six years of hard work on your behalf.

Thankfully,over 90% of the email we receive indicates our colleagues appreciate our work. If we can be doing something better, please just let us know. I am Gregg Finch, the Administrator and you can reach me at

Please understand that we receive about 300 inquiries every day from all over the world and we operate only with a volunteer staff. So if you are not a member it may take us more than a week to reply to you. Our members get 24 hour service. Thank you for your understanding and patience. As I sign off for now I leave you with one question... Are YOU earning at least 250 yuan per hour teaching in China? If not - please read this here:

As foreign teachers in China, we feel a moral obligation to look out for one another. Please help us do this if you agree.

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