Monday, May 23, 2016

China to hire 12,000 more ESL & TEFL teachers for fall semester to compensate for mass exodus...


The Ministry of Education says their public schools are running short of experienced native English teachers and this is no mystery. Over the last three years over 20,000 veteran foreign China English teachers have left China for greener pastures in Sen ingapore, Korea and Japan where the pay is more than 70% higher on average - when adjusted for cost of living. Many of those leaving this year at the end of their contracts also cite the heavy air pollution they must endure during the four months of winter which seven foreign embassies have labeled "toxic".

Still, China's historical mystique continues to lure fresh faces every year and it is hoped that higher wages that now average 16,000 per month with a 2,000 yuan housing allowance will be enough to produce 12,000 native English speakers for Sept/2016 although we think this will be a true challenge.

For those who love history, great food, and want to learn Chinese and a whole new way of life, a one year contract in China may be just your ticket of you are at least 21 years of age with 2 years teaching experience and a bachelor degree in any subject. If you have a criminal record do not bother to apply. If however you are a native speaker you can demand wages of 20,000 yuan per month or even more at the private schools.

WORD OF WARNING:  China is full of scams, and most of them come from job recruiters who lure students to come work without a mandatory Z visa. There are also a few identity thieves that pose as schools or recruiters fishing for your personal data. Read these links to defend yourself accordingly:

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Please do not write us asking about individual employers. We don't do your leg work on an individual basis. That is precisely why we have over 1,500 white-listed employers and over 500 on the blacklist. Get off your butt and read. And off course, do not come to China without a signed contract and Z visa already in your hand.  Last piece of advice:..

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