Tuesday, June 7, 2016

IMPORTANT CFTU NOTICE: China Foreign Teachers Now Protected By Labor Laws & Privacy Act!

Things are getting better for foreign employees in China and it is getting more difficult for employers to exploit you. In 2014 China labor laws that favored Chinese employees were amended to apply to all employees in China (not interns) thanks to the good conscience of President Xi Jin Ping (Xie Xie Mr. President).  This year the Privacy Act was also expanded to include foreign employees. What does this mean for you?
Well for one thing no employer in China can use your image or give your personal information to any third party (a student's mother for example) without your written permission on a document that says who requested your information and why and how your information will be used IF you agree. If you do not agree, you cannot be punished in any way or the employer can be fined 100,000yuan or have their business license suspended for 90 days.

Blanket agreements in employment contracts are no longer legal. Off course, nobody is going to tell you this. But you can get free labor law updates at Renmin University Law School library and National Library, both in Haidian District of Beijing. Here is where you can read a summary of your 15 rights as an expat employee in China:


It is well worth 30 minutes of your time to know your rights as a China Foreign Teacher. Although we do not provide legal assistance or advice, we can recommend very qualified labor lawyers to you if you cannot resolve matters amicably, and we sincerely urge you to avoid the courts or you may find yourself blacklisted with Chinese principals. The blacklist is now illegal but still widely in use in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou (also rumored to be used in Shenzhen and Shenyang as well)  Also be aware of the deadly "SILENT SCAM" that targets china foreign teachers... http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=642187

The biggest scam going down against china foreign teachers is explained here so do not send your resume to job ads you find at Beijinger, Echinacities, ESLCafe, Sinocities, Gumtree, nor Craiglsist. Read this:  http://chinascamwatch.wordpress.com
To be aware of all the latest china scams we suggest you visit and read these sites at least once a month as well as drop by for a visit here.



ALSO... BEFORE you sign an employment contract in China, we suggest you read these tips that will save you plenty of your time, grief, and money later:


Here They Are! http://www.slideshare.net/LaowaiCareerCenter/2018-cftu-white-list-of-china-tefl-teacher-employers

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