Sunday, November 13, 2016

229 China Foreign Teachers Arrested in Latest PSB "Twitter Trap" Sting Operation

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Although information is scarce at this time, a contact at the PSB has leaked that 229 foreign teachers working in China were arrested in th elast 30 days for working illegally without a Z Visa in Beijing and Shanghai.  At first the CSP was told the number was 29 teachers but we learned yesterday that was a miscommunication.

What we learned so far from China Scam Patrol confirms the above leak since they learned a black ESL agent in Beijing using a Twitter Account was pretending to be a "happy ESL teacher in  China earning over $50,000 a year." This fake account was recommending others on Twitter to "contact the recruiter that made it all possible" at yet another Twitter account.  Well some how the PSB got wind of this scam and went after the guy we know as "Guo Bin" since he was falsely telling everyone who contacted him on Twitter that they could work in China without a Z visa (work visa) nor a university degree (absolutely false)

The scam back-fired on the scammer when the PSB sent someone to a job interview posing as a foreign teacher and wearing a hidden microphone. Long story short, the recruiter was arrested as were some the foreign teachers whose resumes they found in his briefcase. Things snow-balled from there...

Those arrested were given a choice... go to jail for 30 days or pay a fine and allow the PSB to copy their phone contacts. Herein lies the real problem as now thousands of foreign teachers working in China are probably going to be collected into a PSB database from the 229  arrested teachers - assuming they opt not to go to jail for 30 days.  IF these names obtained from all the phones collected by the PSB are used for either a "random visa or diploma check", there may another 1,000 or so teachers finding themselves in a sudden legal jam.  Of course the PSB might be a bit lazy during the upcoming holidays, but in the last 2 years they have been quite diligent and zealous in their efforts.  

The bottom line is that those of you working in China with a legal Z visa and a real diploma have nothing to fear. If however you are not holding a Z visa now and are using a fake diploma, you stand more than a 50% chance of getting caught within the next 45 days, especially if you used agents and recruiters who used the following names; Guo Bin, Ying, Ming, Ling, Li Peng, Rebecca Tang, Derrick Yazwa, Bing, Keith, Erica Lau aka Erica Liu, Miranda, Carl He, Rose Li, Owen, Henry, or if you ever sent resumes to ESL Insider, TheBeijinger, EChinacities, Sinocities, ESLCafe (going back to July of 2016). This information is current as of November 10th, 2016 and relates to arrests made prior to November 7th. We can assume that those arrested will identify their recruiters & agents and they will probably also be tracked down and their phones also copied.  So the best advice we can offer is for illegal teachers now working in China, to take a voluntarily leave of absence and get yourself legal with the proper visas before returning to work.  

If you do get arrested and jailed, you can expect to spend 10-30 days in jail depending upon how much you "cooperate" with the Chinese aurhorities and fines are ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. You WILL be deported within 30 days with a reentry ban of 3 to 5 years. Unfortunately, if you are studying in China, you will not be allowed to finish your studies, and from our past experience, you will not be able to get a refund of your tuition moneys.  

If you are detained, try to remain calm and do not argue or shout at the authorities. They will treat you professionally, feed you, and allow you to make a telephone call. Do not waste it calling your agent or recruiter. They will not help you. Call your nearest family member or friend in China who can pay your fine.

At present we know that the Twitter Traps are working so well for the PSB, that they may also start using Facebook. Last year they were exposed placing fake job ads on, Craiglist, Glassdoor, Echinacities, Sinocities, and ESLCafe. Our PSB source tells us that they get a 2,000 yuan pay bonus for every illegal foreigner they catch working in China, and that is why they really are taking this matter to heart since 2,000 yuan is one-third of their monthly salary.

This new sting operation is in addittion to their other major method of rounding up illegal alien workers in China as you can read here:

Here They Are!

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  1. If YOU want to report an unlicensed and dishonest recruiter in strict confidence please send us an email with all of their contact info and a photgraph if you can get one. We need their full name, mobile telephone number, mailing address, email address, skype name, QQ address and what schools do they recruit for. If they lied to you or caused you to spend money or get arresetd, please include the details and send to

  2. His name is Mr Zhang, in Shenzhen China, he is a guy who setups teachers with lying job offers. Most teachers didn't know until it was too late. His phone number and Wechat ID are: 13802560568


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