Friday, February 10, 2017

CFTU Updates 2017 China Foreign Teachers Union Blacklist of Schools, Recruiters, & Agents

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Although we recommend that any and all ESL & TEFL teachers coming to work in China simply use a white-listed school that is SAFEA registered and SAIC licensed, we get demands for updates on our blacklist, so it is was update as of January 15th and just released after being prrof-read.  Please do your own due-diligence and remember that agents and recruiters using only Chinglish names like "Victor Li" or "Jane Zhang" should be avoided if they do not show you their original government ID card showing their true and legal Chinese names. To know what this card looks like, please see the example posted here:

You will also find other good advice there as well. The 2017 CFTU Blacklist now contains 927 blacklisted entities. Many of those outed in the past simply started using new names and emails. Many have changed the name of their companies. This is why we now update the list every three months and you can read it at this address.

Also remember, IF you are a native English speaker you should not accept any part or full time work that pays less than 250 yuan per hour or 20,000 pe rmonth. If you are native ENglish speaker with an Education degree you would be cheating yourself to work for less than 300 yuan per hour or 25,000 yuan per month 

Also be aware that since 2014, you have plenty of rights as a foreign employee if you are in fact legally hired with a Z visa. You can review your rights and contract tips at the below links.  Good luck and enjoy your China adventure peng you! 

We also warn you not to even send your resume to anyone related to a China teaching job, until you first read three links to help keep you safe from scams:

Here They Are!

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  1. Are there any legal options for people who got scammed and banned?


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