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CFTU offers Free DIY China Job Search Kit To QUALIFIED ESL & TEFL Teachers Wanting To Avoid Skimming & Scam Agents, Recruiters, & Blacklisted Employers

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NEW CFTU Whitelist for 2018 just released. Members check your email and non- members just visit  CFTU China Blacklist coming this week!

By now, you probably all know that the CFTU membership is passionate about our big three priorities as expat teachers in China:

1)  Eliminating & reducing risks of fraud and identity theft to every foreign teacher inbound to China or already working here.

2)  Ensuring that all foreign teachers in China are genuinely qualified to provide a proper education to every student that sits in their classroom (ie - the removal of fake teachers from China schools)

3) Increasing the pay/benefits to all qualified foreign teachers working in China and making our work environment more productive, stress-free, and safer.

In order to expand our scam busting operations, we need everyone to understand that the 90% rule still prevails in China...

"90% of China employers are honest and ethical but 90% of the China job agents and recruiters are not." 

It is that 10% that cause most all the grief and fraud in the China TEFL industry. Indeed there are some honest and truthful agents and recruiters who do right by their clients. But each year they are getting harder to find, and the shady greedy agents and recruiters are becoming more prolific. You can read the many horror stories for yourself at, or or The point is that if you can avoid agents and recruiters you can avoid 90% of the scams and skimming that awaits careless and gullible expat teachers in China.

THEREFORE... we have decided to give you all a gift in the form of a DIY China Job Search kit that will train you and help you find a safe and good-paying job in China without the risks of being bamboozled by a sly or dodgy agent or recruiter, or even a black school employer.  This link will take you to your next job in China - to an employer of YOUR OWN CHOOSING and WITH A SALARY THAT FAIR AND ACCEPTABLE TO YOU (not your agent), and WITH A CONTRACT THAT PROTECTS AND ENSURES THAT YOUR EMPLOYEE RIGHTS ARE NOT VIOLATED.  Feel free to scan this pdf file with your anti-virus program (it's bug-free) and just follow the instructions. You have 320 Beijing employers to choose from. Our members have access to over 1,600 white-listed employers nation-wide.

If you need further advice, browse our website of the Q&A thread at our Reddit Sub at  And for the record we do not now nor have we ever had any "Bruce Dimarco" as a member of the CFTU nor do we even know this perosn who some people keep trying to link to our group of volunteers. Be advised that most all the people who trash and bash us are people we have exposed in the past or recent present as a teacher or student predator found on our blacklist. Making enemies is not something new to us. We are focused on our three priorities and we will not be derailed nor distracted.

If you like what you see here on our web site and approve of the job we are doing, please support the linked websites at and upvotes those at reddit where we face daily attacks of down-voting brigades from those tefl job recruiters who lurk there.  and!-More-Moderator-Fraud-at-Reddit-in-Teachers-amp-TEFL-subs-via-Rosie-Tang.

Once you all learn how to safely find your own teaching jobs in China, those greedy vultures that feed on fraud will have fewer unwitting newbies to feed on and might even themselves an honest way to earn a living.  BTW...if you use our kit you should be able to receive at least 10 job offers to teach in China within the next 30 days - assuming you are qualified?o Good luck with your job search!

P.S.  At least once a month you should probably make a quick visit to  And the password is: CFTU2017

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