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China Scam Patrol publishes 2017 Top 20 List of Worst China job scams with Foreign HR, Laowai Career Center, and Echinacities taking top rankings

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Since 2010, Jason and his team at China Scam Patrol have kept us all from stepping in the foulest shit possible and continues to do so for absolutely free. God forbid if he ever gets married and settles down to raise a family, we all be like kids walking barefoot through a cow pasture on a moonless night. We could smell the danger, but not really know which way to take the next step!

But we need not worry for another year as the CSP team helps us update our blacklist and our fellow teachers in China take care of building our white list which now has over 1,600 vetted schools on it.

So without further blah-blah here are the 20 worst China Job Scams as determined by online complaints and those sent directly to China Scam Patrol, the CFTU, China Scam Watch, The CTA, and 19 other scam reporting sites like, etc;



3. Laowai Career Center

4. Haida HR

5. Foreign HR

6. Gi2c

7. China TEFL Network

8. Helen Group

9. aka aka

10. Dave's

11. Golden Bridge ESL

12. Worlda English

13. I-To-I aka

14. Wise Way Global aka Getin2China

15. CUCAS aka Beijing ChiWest

16. New Life ESL (with Derrick Yazwa)

17. Wan Jia Education aka East-West Education

18. Golden Bridge Education aka Golden Bridge Visa

19. China-Uni Ltd aka China ESL

(3 way tie)

Companies in purple are owned by Ms. Liu aka Rebecca Tang aka Rosie Tang, aka Rose Tang, aka Ruby Tang

Companies in red are all owned by Yuri Khlystov

Companies in green are owned by Helen Chen of Hangzhou aka Hangzhou Helen

Companies in blue are owned by Canadian George Xu

Companies in Teal are owned by Peter Zheng and his wife.

Company in hot pink is owned by American Dave Sperling

Companies in Orange are owned by Max Kurasinski

Of course, there are also many scam visa companies as well including Panda Visa and others - too numerous to mention. Top 20 means - the worst of the worst. Avoid these companies like Ebola people.  If you are dealing with someone else you are unsure of, use this safe tip:

And here is a Top 20 List Of Our Own To Share With you...

Just think... If you could speak Chinese, English, and Spanish, you could communicate  with roughly 70% of all the people on Planet Earth!

Here They Are!

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  1. I want to thank you so much for this. I work as an online teacher for one of the top three schools on this list. I thought at first it was my dream job. I will say who if you wish but I’m not sure of the rules so I am holding back. I am not a new hire but have not been there long. My former supervisor suddenly disappeared one day after standing up for me when a member of management tried to accuse me of something I did not do. That Morrison became my supervisor. Almost all my students were removed so my teaching hours were too. I am required to be on shift but get paid 5 dollars an hour since I’m not teaching. Then a few weeks ago my credit report was pulled. I wrote to HR they say they do not do this but it’s in black and white on my credit report. Someone has all of my identidy and everyday my credit score goes lower and lower as new inquiries are placed on it. Just wanted to let people know you are not making this up it’s all true and very scary.


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